23 Things That Happened Since Oops!… I Did It Again Debuted That Will Make You Feel Ancient

Oops, you just realized how freaking old you are.

Queen Britney Spears’ sophomore album Oops!… I Did It Again came out 15 years ago today, I’ll repeat: 15. And although it feels like just yesterday that Brit rocked our worlds with killer dance moves in her red leather jumpsuit, we’re here to assure you that it definitely was not. (“Lucky” and “Stronger” are also both from this album and don’t you dare forget it.) Here’s everything that happened between May 3, 2000 and today, and remembering it all will make you feel old as hell.

  1. August 2000: Kylie Jenner turned 4-years-old


    And now she posts pics like this.

  2. September 2000: Almost Famous premiered


    Your obsession with Penny Lane started centuries ago.

  3. October 2001: The iPod came out


    WTF is that thing?

  4. 2002-ish: You weren’t cool unless you owned a trucker hat


    Why, god, why.

  5. April 2002: Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” was your jam

    Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    And his face bandaid was the coolest accessory known to man (besides the trucker hat, obv.)

  6. March 2003: Sean Paul’s “Get Busy” replaced “Hot in Herre” as your favorite song

    Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    The idea that youngsters out there have no idea who he is is just sad.

  7. December 2003: Saddam Hussein was captured

    The News-Herald

    We finally got that SOB.

  8. April 2004: Mean Girls premiered


    How come we can still recite every word?

  9. May 2004: Friends came to an end


    BRB, still crying.

  10. March 2006: The birth of Real Housewives franchise


    Blessing or curse? We’ll never know.

  11. August 2006: Pluto, you’re no longer considered a planet


    Sorry, bro. It’s been real.

  12. February 2007: Britney went apeshit and shaved her head


    We still don’t really know WTF happened and we like it that way.

  13. June 2007: The iPhone emerges


    In other words, you haven’t looked up in almost eight years.

  14. October 2007: debut of Keeping Up With the Kardashians


    There was a world before them, believe it or not.

  15. December 2007: start of the Great Recession in the US


    Basically, when we were all f—ed.

  16. April 2008: Beyonce and Jay-Z tied the knot


    And their marriage still doesn’t seem legit.

  17. April 2008: Lady Gaga made her debut with “Just Dance”

    Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    Now she kicks it with Tony Bennett.

  18. November 2008: Twilight premiered


    Which you could argue started everyone’s concerning obsession with vampires.

  19. January 2001-January 2009: George Bush was still president.


    The presidency that (feels like it) never ended.

  20. June 2009: Michael Jackson died


    Still too soon.

  21. April 2011: The world stopped to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton get married


    Giving false expectations to every girl on the planet.

  22. February 2014: Jay Leno left The Tonight Show.


    Wait, there was a Tonight Show pre Jimmy Fallon?

  23. September 2014: Britney’s son Sean Federline turned 9 and Jayden James Federline turned 8



Even though we feel old as shit, we love you Britney.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.