A Miami Plastic Surgeon Is Snapchatting His Patient’s Butt Lifts

Dr. Miami is turning Snapchat into DatAssChat.

In the field of plastic surgery, people need to see what a doctor can do before they entrust their bodies and checkbooks to them. Usually, this is done via before and after photos. But Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery is a man of the modern times. A simple photo doesn’t do his work justice. Instead, he Snapchats it. In real time.
Going by the name Dr. Miami, one of his more popular procedures is the Brazilian Butt Lift.
This procedure takes fat from somewhere undesirable and puts it in your butt. It’s become quite popular in the last few years, likely thanks to the Kardashians and their covetable posteriors. And don’t worry — the patients are on board and have signed consent forms allowing him to film them.

“About half my patients want nothing to do with it,” he told BuzzFeed. “The other half are remarkably open to it, and a lot of the patients come in requesting to be on Snapchat. Some of them want their boyfriend’s name written on their back or their favorite band, like, ‘Shout out this person!’”

Not on Snapchat? You can watch some of his work on his Vine. It’s not for the easily grossed out. Taking his work to social media has worked out fabulously for the good doctor — he tells Vice he’s booked through May. As in May 2016.