Does Emma Stone’s Mysterious “Andrew Garfield” Bag Mean They’re Not Broken Up?

Don't you toy with our emotions, Stone!

A few weeks back, we heard that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had decided to put their perfect love on hold and take a break. Shortly after, rumors swirled that they were more than on a break — they were broken and Andrew cheated while filming Silence in Taiwan. But today, there’s a new wrinkle: Stone was seen with her stylist Petra Flannery, who is also Garfield’s stylist, carrying a bag with the words “Andrew Garfield” on it. And clearly, this was a message — I mean, she is holding this bag in a way that is visible. She’s trying to tell us something. Don’t tease us, Emma —are you guys back together? Or did everyone get it wrong and you were never broken up in the first place? Silence completes filming in just a few weeks — if they are together still — but again, we’ll know soon enough.

This has been a real rollercoaster. The day we heard they were taking a break, this was us:

Then we heard that their relationship was actually over and Garfield had cheated on Stone. This was us:

Now with today’s news? We don’t know how to feel. We’ve been through way too much emotionally with this story, so we’re trying to stay as cool as possible. At least externally.