One Year Since the #ElevatorIncident, Solange Is Still Keeping it Realer than Beyonce

We said it.

It’s been one year since the 2014 Met Gala, where Solange and Jay Z got into it in an elevator as Beyonce stood calmly by. Popular culture dubs this event the Elevator Incident, Solange refers to it as “that thing.”

The security footage from that night would go on to test a family bond that we now know to be impenetrable. It would also go on to show just how real Solange keeps it. Something — we still don’t know what — pissed her all the way off, and nothing could keep her from holding back. Beyonce, on the other hand, is well-trained in keeping her composure. She’d sooner get her hair stuck in a fan and keep singing like nothing happened than let anyone in on what’s going on behind closed doors.

We may never know why Solange went off on Jay Z, but what we do know is that she loves keeping it real — and for the record, she keeps it way realer than PR darling Beyonce. From her fashion to her music, here’s how Solange keeps it 100.

  • She onced shaved off all of her hair.

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    It looked bomb.

  • Then she grew it back *~au naturel~*.

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    And it still looks bomb.

  • Her music is way cool.

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    I’m going to argue that Beyonce’s eponymous 2013 album drew inspiration from Solange’s music. “Blow” and “Superpower,” anyone?

  • And you can actually see her at her concerts. And hear her.

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    Very important.

  • She wears yellow like a boss.

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    Ditto for when she wears yellow lipstick.

  • Actually, she wears everything like a boss.

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    She is literally wearing a red teddy bear in this photo and she looks amazing. HOW.

  • She once sang and danced for kiddies on Yo Gabba Gabba.

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    If this doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy you have no soul.

  • Speaking of kiddies, Solange and her son Julez are the cutest.

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    Did we mention that Julez is also a really good dancer?

  • And when they choreograph dances together, it doesn’t feel staged.

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    Even though it definitely is.

  • But the realest thing about Solange is that, no matter what, she always puts her family first.

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    And that’s keeping it 100.