Bottle Popper: Evelyn Lozada Reveals Her Biggest Regret On Twitter

Most reality stars claim they have no regrets, that they are who they are, you can’t turn back the hands of time, and all that. But when Basketball Wives fan Evelyn Lozada was asked by a Twitter fan this week about regret, the woman who’s been working hard to fix her life actually revealed the one thing she wishes she could go back and change. In the tweet above, Ev reveals that above all else, if she could erase the moment where she threw a bottle at her co-star Kenya Bell last season, she would.

Back in June when we spoke with Evelyn at the season four reunion, she told us pretty much the same thing, saying “One of my biggest regrets is the altercation with Kenya, I feel like that whole situation went too far. I could have hurt her or one of my cast mates. You know, you get caught up in the moment. That’s one of the things I regret the most.” Sounds like season five is definitely going to be a little more kind and gentle after all.