Our Five Favorite Quotes From Joe Budden’s Global Grind Interview, Including Why He’s No Stevie J

Love And Hip Hop star Joe Budden claims to be an open book, and if you have any questions about his relationships with his ex, Tahiry Jose, his current girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia, or his friend (with benefits?) Raqi Thunda, you’d be better off just asking him for the answer outright.

In a Global Grind interview this week, Joe discusses all three women and makes a few things clear. One, he and Tahiry are OVER. Two, he and Raqi never smashed, ever. And three, though Kaylin might not feature prominently in the Love And Hip Hop story line right now, she is definitely his number one girl. For his exact quotes, check out our five favorite moments from the interview, below.

On his current relationship with Tahiry: “Me and Tahiry did so many of those YouTube clips that any time me and her are in front of a camera it’s gonna be reminiscent of that for me…We’re not together. We’re not intimate. So, while she’s the same, I’m not.”

On whether or not he and Raqi ever hooked up and why that was ever in question: “Wait, wait, wait. I’ve never been with Raqi at all…Tahiry thinks that I f—ed every girl that I know. Let’s be perfectly clear on that. That’s one. I just think it’s funny that somebody who’s so well-documented in his relationship can come off like a pimp.”

On whether or not Kaylin has anything to worry about with other women in the picture: “I’m always with my baby Kaylin, so I don’t see where the pimping is at all.”

If he’s worried he might come off like Stevie J on the show: “Stevie J was f—ing two women at the same time. I’m not doing that. Even if it comes off like that, it certainly won’t be from my doing. I just try to be honest with everybody and that’s it.”

On why he thinks people are so interested in him and Tahiry: “Tahiry’s pretty much an open book. Well, a halfway open book. Her book’s halfway open in comparison to me. I really don’t give a f—, she maybe has to still work on not giving a f— a little bit. It is resonating. I’ve been reading, I’ve been seeing — people are definitely talking.”

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