Are Black Ink Crew‘s Ceaser And Dutchess Dating Or Not?

There’s plenty of sexual tension between Dutchess and Ceaser on Black Ink Crew, and as we’ll see on tonight’s episode, if another woman makes a move on Ceaser, Dutchess is not above going ballistic (especially when the other woman is Alex).

But are the two actually an item now or what? That was the big question when they visited The Breakfast Club. “I’m gonna be honest,” Dutchess says. “Y’all gotta stay tuned to see how everything happens, because everything happens and it happens in such — the way that everything happens in the show is so dynamic and like —” “—She lyin’,” Ceaser cuts her off as she clearly gets flustered. “I smashed.” “I’m gonna smash his head against the wall!” Dutchess responds.

“You come in here talking I smashed, I smashed, but do you love her?” Angela Yee follow ups, to which Ceaser says “I plead the fifth.” These two! They’re destined to be together, right? Watch their whole interview above and decide for yourself if they just need to come out with it and admit they’re in loooove!