Black Ink Crew – Episode 5 – Mixxxxys and Mind Games

Just as the crew predicted, potential clients are still walking in off the street asking for O’S**t’s services. Puma, Walt, and Alex appeal to Cease to bring him back, but Ceaser’s still not ready.

But Puma stresses his point. “In Ceaser’s brain, he thinks he can run Black Ink without O’S**t. Ceaser doesn’t realize that O’S**t made a name for himself too, here.”

But Cease has three final words on the subject: “F*ck O’S**t!”

Teddy Ruks sits down with Cease to have a cousin-to-cousin talk about the crew’s upcoming trip to the world’s largest tattoo convention in Las Vegas. “I don’t think that Ceaser is being realistic about how much this could cost him,” says Teddy.

But Ceaser thinks it’s important because there are hardly any black people in the tattoo business “We’re like a spot in a bowl of milk,” he says. Teddy Ruks has a suggestion to raise money for the trip — BRING BACK O’S**T.

Maybe cousin power works because Ceaser looks to be considering it.

Next thing you know — look who shows up!

O’S**t assures Ceaser that he is ready to come back to work. Ceaser agrees, but lays down the law and tells S**t he can come back but he can’t mess up. Oh, and he can’t drink either!

“You’re gonna tell me I can’t drink? This place is like a bar half the time.” But S**t accepts Ceaser’s terms and it’s ON! WELCOME BACK, O’S**T!

There’s something else to celebrate in the shop today. It’s Sassy’s birthday, and you know what that means.


“We’re going to throw a HUGE blow out party at Black Ink!”

But Sassy is already dreading the Mixxxys who will surely attend in great numbers. According to Sassy, they are the lowest form of a party girl.

Now, the French dancers who stopped by the shop last week are back to get their tattoos.

Walt reveals that he can speak a little Francais. “Oui oui, and stuff like that. French fries, french toast.” And really, that’s all you need, right?

The French dancer wants the tattoo on the elbow which, Cease lets her know, will hurt. A LOT.

Ted invites the French girls to Sassy’s party later on that night. Ceaser and the client step into the back to start to tattoo, and Ceaser flirts a little. “Do you have a girlfriend?” she asks.

“No I do not.”

Hmm. Really? Because Dutchess in on her way back to check on things. If anything reveals Dutchess’ potential feelings for Cease, wouldn’t it be asserting girlfriend status in front of a client? What about that kiss on the head??

“Dutchess is like Jeopardy to me right now.” So…A question in the form of an answer? Harder than she looks?

Finally, O’S**t is back! On his first day in the shop, he’s feeling the love. Sassy updates him on the latest Black Ink news, including the fact that the whole shop is headed to Vegas soon. Walt has some reservations that S**t will stay motivated. Sassy, too.

“Please don’t f**k up this time, please.”

O’S**t gets to work setting up his room and putting up new artwork he created while unemployed. “I might have to get this one tattooed on myself,” says Cease.

That night, Black Ink is ready for Sassy’s birthday bash. The Hennessy is flowing and everyone is in a good mood. Even the Black Ink girls are partying together for the moment.

Alex’s strategy tonight is to make nice with the girls after the fashion show fiasco. She comes with a peace offering.

Still, Sassy says, “Us and Alex, we’re like frenemies. We play nice together, but I know that I cannot trust her one hundred percent.”

Alex thinks she and Teddy have some kind of relationship going on, so Dutchess and Sassy try to set the record straight. When Dutchess sees Ted lock himself in a room with a Mixxxy, she decides Alex should know, so she can see that he’s a player.

Dutchess tells Teddy his next tattoo should be a warning label on his…Lil’ Teddy.

But wait, something very shady is happening inside. Why is Alex running after Cease when he goes to chill in his office? Is she hitting on Cease??

“My mind is telling me to leave. But my d— is telling me to stay,” says Cease when he realizes she’s making a move. Still, when Alex offers him the goods, Cease demurs because, “I’m more selective than that.”

It’s too late now, though. Dutchess has found out they were locked in the office together. Suddenly hell breaks loose in Black Ink. It’s all out mixxxy madness.

Like Jamie Foxx, Walt blames it on the Henny.

Alex and Sassy meet up a couple of days later, and when Alex pleads ignorance about what happened at the party and claims she was roofied, Sassy thinks she’s lying. What’s more, Sassy tells Alex she should not come to Vegas because Dutchess has it in for her.

Back at the shop, Dutchess decides that Alex no longer has a place at Black Ink. Cease believes she is a good manager and doesn’t think she should go.

A couple of days pass, and we see Walt arriving at the shop in the morning. When he gets there, he finds that someone has seriously vandalized the front of the shop.

“This is some hatin’ s**t. Someone really got time on their hands that they have time to do this?”

Due to feeling betrayed by Alex, combined with someone vandalizing the shop, Dutchess becomes extremely emotional. She goes off to Sassy and Puma about that fact that people should be supporting each other.

Makes you wonder how everyone’s going to handle being stuck in Vegas together on episode 6?