Making Mr. Right Episode 6 – Mama Drama

There are only six guys left in the Making Mr. Right house and things are getting interesting. The “matchmakers” are doing their best to diffuse the dead-on conspiracy theories by distracting the guys. This week’s distraction: their mothers will be coming to the house to let the “matchmakers” in on the kind of girl they hope their sons end up with. Rachel, Brittany and Lindsay are excited to find out where these guys came from and how they interact with the most important women in their lives.

Each mother recorded a video confessional about her son, sharing what is great about him and why they think their boy is still single. Ryan’s mom is on the same page as Rachel because she think its because he parties too much. Matt’s mother shares how wonderful a father he is and makes it clear that “anyone in his life has to interact well with his son.” Lindsay feels she would be up to the task since she “loves kids so much.” The guys get adorably choked up as they watch their mothers speak about them.

To kill two birds with one stone, the “matchmakers” inform the guys they will be cooking for their mothers this evening. Not only will the girls get to see how much they care about impressing their mothers, but they also get to find out who has skills in the kitchen. Rachel is a self-professed terrible cook, so she’s especially excited to find a guy who knows his way around a kitchen. Brian decides to make his mother some mac and cheese…from a box. Murphy makes steak and puts every seasoning in the kitchen on it, which prompts Lindsay to go down there and help. As soon as she leaves the room, Brittany tells Rachel she thinks that “Lindsay has crossed the line between matchmaker and flirt.” Matthew’s confessional confirms that he definitely felt like Lindsay was flirting with him, and that he was “flattered.” The girls are impressed with Ryan’s dish (Italian sausage) and think that he is truly enjoying himself.

The guys present their completed dishes to their mothers and the “matchmakers.” Rachel has never had a great relationship with her exes families, or her own, so she is nervous about meeting their mothers. Luckily for her, the mothers of both of the guys she is considering, Brian and Ryan, immediately fall in love with her. And the feeling is mutual.

Both Lindsay and Brittany meet with Matt’s mother and feel their connections with him grow stronger. Brittany also talks to Murphy’s mother who she feels would have a problem with her having a child.

Now that the “matchmakers” have met women who are special to the guys, it’s time the guys meet women who are special to them…only they don’t know it. Each “matchmaker” gets to select one guy to on a one-on-one date with someone very close to them. Rachel picks her best friend, Julie, to go out with Ryan. As she’s prepping him for their date, she shows him the importance of eye contact by staring into each others eyes uninterrupted for several minutes. He quips that it’s not awkward at all for him and that he’s even “getting lost in her eyes.” Rachel is interested in finding out more about his family life, so she prompts Julie to bring it up. Since Rachel had so much in common with Ryan’s mother, she wonders if he is looking for a girl like her. Luckily for her, Ryan has nothing but wonderful things to say about his mother and Julie approves. Julie knows all about Rachel’s past relationships and feels that Ryan is leagues above her exes.

Brittany picks her best friend and look-alike sister, Christine, to go out with Murphy. She is still concerned about Murphy’s dealbreaker being a woman with a child, so she instructs Christine to pretend that Presley is hers. Murphy is taken aback by Christine’s beauty, calling her “a bombshell” and “gorgeous” in his confessional interview. When Christine brings up having a child on her date, Murphy immediately tries to change the subject, never once asking her one question about the child. Major. Red. Flag. He does ask her about other things like where she’s from (San Diego,) what kinds of food she likes (sushi) and why (she’s 1/4 Japanese,) which all sound exactly like what Brittany has revealed about herself to the guys.  Brittany worries that Christine may have blown her cover, but we later realize that Murphy hadn’t picked up on any of Brittany’s biography and still didn’t even realize she had a child.

Lindsay sends her best friend, Madeline, on a date with Matt. Madeline talks to him about traveling and if he would considering leaving Atlanta for LA. He reacts thoughtfully by telling her that he would love to take more opportunities to travel, and even potentially move, but that he would be “very cautious about any situation that would be unfair to my ex.” While watching the date, Lindsay realizes that “the stakes are high with Matt because I wouldn’t be just dating him. I’d be dating his kid and his ex-wife would probably be involved as well,” but after her realization, she is still just as determined to make it work. After the date, Madeline concurs he’s a great guy, but questions if Lindsay is really ready to be a step-mother.

When Ryan, Murphy and Matt get back to the house, the guys who didn’t go on dates have convinced themselves that the dates were with the “matchmakers.” And, when they talk to each other about their dates, they realize that there are striking similarities between their dates and the “matchmakers.” As they’re putting two and two together, Murphy learns from Matt, that Brittany has a child. The two of them talk and Murphy says he was interested in Brittany, but now he has questions since she comes with a lot of “baggage.” Behind the scenes, Brittany is hurt and continuing to realize that Murphy is probably not the right guy for her.

Meanwhile, Matt lets Murphy know that calling a child “baggage” is totally inappropriate and that when you fall in love with someone in totality, you would love their child just as much as you love them. Brittany gets emotional because Matt totally understands how she feels and what she has been through.

Rachel tries to make the best of how offended Brittany is by telling her at least she can stop focusing on Murphy now. Lindsay chimes in that she “really believes Murphy is a good fit for you.” And finally, Rachel has truly had enough of Lindsay’s self-serving commentary and tells her she needs to stop pushing Murphy onto Brittany because it is “getting to a ridiculous point.” Rachel points out that she make it seem like Brittany is trying to steal her man, yet she has no problem with making “oogly googly eyes to every guy in the house.” Brittany thanks Rachel for standing up for her because she’s felt this way all along. Lindsay wished she would have told her. Brittany told her she felt that if she said anything positive about Matt it would be a day long guilt trip and she felt she had to go for Murphy because she felt bad about hurting Lindsay’s feelings. Lindsay apologizes, but is hurt by Rachel’s frankness. Now that everything is on the table, we wonder if the passive aggressive commentary will be better or worse.

The girls close out the week by watching the guys’ confessional videos. Matt’s mother liked both Lindsay and Brittany, so unfortunately for them neither has an advantage there. Both Brian and Ryan’s mothers want their sons to end up with Rachel. Murphy feels like Brittany might have feelings for him, but doesn’t mind because he would like to take her on a date. In Niko’s confessional, he presents a conspiracy theory that “the matchmakers are here to get set up by April instead of us getting set up by them.” Obviously, he is correct and April reacts by scolding the girls for letting this happen.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Making Mr. Right? Who do you think is best for Matt? Should Brittany give up on Murphy? Who do you like best for Rachel? Let us know in the comments section and check back next week for an all new Making Mr. Right!