Check It: Extreme Close Up On Jenny McCarthy’s New Tattoo

Jenny McCarthy isn’t one to just sit around when, say, there’s a Super Bowl blackout. The soon-to-be host of her very own eponymous talk show Tweeted yesterday that, while the rest of us were eating nachos and staring at a half-dark Superdome, she went out for some body art. “Got a new tattoo during half time Black out. So excited 2 b wearing heels on The Today Show this morning. Ouch…” she wrote.

We saw Jenny today and asked her to elaborate a little on the new ink, and she told us. “I just wanted something decorative. I didn’t want any meaning behind it. So I told the guy I wanted a rose with vines around it, and he drew it out and I went ’Great!'” And just like that, she has a whole new look.

For more Jenny (and possible spontaneous tattooing, who knows?), watch The Jenny McCarthy Show when it debuts this Friday night at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

[Photo: Jen Marigliano for VH1]