Head-To-Toe Style With Jenny McCarthy: The New VH1 Talk Show Host Talks About Her Fashion Evolution

Jenny McCarthy became famous in the 1990s, a fashion decade best described as flannel-meets-“Oops-I-Did-It-Again.” There were no winning looks to come out of that era, really, and Jenny knows that. When I asked her what it was like to dress for Singled Out in those days, she explains “In the 90s I just remember wearing a lot of shiny clothes. That’s when they had like, blue patent leather pants and a lot of half tops, that was my Singled Out wardrobe.” Ah yes, we remember it well. But the woman has evolved. Nowadays, she loves to mix great designers like Tom Ford with budget buys like H&M, and she finally feels like she’s come into her own when it comes to wardrobe. Take a look at Jenny’s style from head to toe in our gallery below, and hear what she has to say about how her look has changed since the days of shiny pants and bare bellies.

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[Photos: Jen Marigliano for VH1]