The Greatest Photo Ever Of Stevie J, Plus A Few More From Ne-Yo’s Compound Entertainment Grammy Party

Award show weekends are full of parties, and if we had to choose the biggest bash this Grammys weekend, we’d say that the Compound Entertainment Midnight Brunch, hosted by Ne-Yo, was the one to be at for so many reasons. List them out for you, you ask? Well, okay.

1. The above photo with Stevie J. Not that we expect anything less from this man, but this kind of perfectly sums him up, doesn’t it?

2. Miley Cyrus and her new BFF French Montana. In the gallery below, the VH1 Diva (who looks like she’s about three feet tall when standing next to French) appears to have hung out with the Bronx rapper for a good chunk of the evening. (We hate to break it to you Miley, but Drita totally saw him first!)

3. Wait, Miley and Stevie J at the same party? Did she finally get a little Stevie J in her life, as he hoped?

4. Other attendees included Draya Michele, Jennifer Williams, and Kelly Rowland, so the hotness was brought.

Check out all the photos from the Compound party in our gallery below!

  • 160991903JN034_COMPOUND_ENT

  • 160991903JN165_COMPOUND_ENT

  • 160991903JN086_COMPOUND_ENT

  • 160991903JN035_Compound_Ent

  • 160991903JN013_Compound_Ent

  • 160991903JN008_Compound_Ent

  • 160991903JN022_Compound_Ent

  • 160991903JN001_COMPOUND_ENT

  • 160991903JN076_COMPOUND_ENT

  • 160991903JN105_COMPOUND_ENT

  • 160991903JN153_Compound_Ent

  • 160991903JN048_Compound_Ent

  • 160991903JN051_COMPOUND_ENT

[Photos: Getty Images]

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