Jen And Consequence Discuss The “Senseless, Heated” Fight With Raqi On Today’s Big Morning Buzz Live With Carrie Keagan

Love And Hip Hop stars Jen The Pen and Consequence joined Big Morning Buzz Live With Carrie Keagan today to set a few things straight. There’s been a lot of controversy and many internet haters who have criticized Jen for the comments she made last week on the show regarding race when she told Raqi Thunda that because she’s white she’ll have no problem finding a new job. And this morning, Jen explained herself.

Jen called her argument with Raqi a “senseless, heated, sarcastic” situation that went too far in the heat of the moment. “It was wrong for both of us ladies to act so crazy, and not nice things were said, and it was never, never my intent to offend anyone by my words.” She then added “There is no possible way that there is any type of racism in my heart at all. AT ALL. That’s setting the record straight for me.” Consequence follows up, saying “Especially during black history month, it comes off a little crazy…but I know what Jen’s heart is.” For the rest of their take on the situation, watch the clip above.

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