A Very Love And Hip Hop Valentine’s Day: Jen And Cons Show Us Their Romantic Side And Pick Their Special Song

If there’s any doubt that Love And Hip Hop stars Jen “the Pen” Bayer and Consequence are a committed, adoring couple, put them to rest because these two wear their hearts on their (designer label) sleeves. We hung out with them yesterday to get to know them a little better and discuss the details of their lives together, and it’s clear that even though they’re stars, the one thing that keeps them grounded is their son, Caiden. So how do they keep the spark alive after five years and a baby? Find out in our chat below.

What’s your song?

“Do we have a song??” Jen asks Cons. “Yeah, a song I wrote, it’s coming up next week [on the show]!” he tells her, referring to a diss track he penned, directed at Raqi. “NO, something romantic,” she tells him.

“Have you thought about a song you’d dance to if you have a wedding?” I ask. “He plays really good music, old records like Marvin Gaye, things like that that we dance with Caiden to, I’m just terrible with names of songs,” Jen says. We drop the subject for the moment as Cons scrolls through his iTunes playlist on the hunt for the perfect song.

Do you guys have any Valentine’s traditions?

“We usually go out to dinner,” Jen says. “Last year we brought food home because Caiden was really new and we just sat around and ate together. I feel like Cons has done so much for me throughout our relationship, I don’t feel like oh, we do something special just on Valentine’s Day.” Cons follows up “I don’t need a specific, designated day to do something nice.” Getting back to the song, another thought springs to his mind. “What about ’Why Do I Even Go Home?’ The second verse about the bag,” he suggests to her. “That’s the song I did with John Legend after we had a fight so I went and bought her a Gucci bag and she had the audacity to tell me ’This wasn’t what I wanted! I wanted a Louis bag!’ So I wrote a song about it.” They both laugh, but even though the song was written for Jen, it not something they’re both sentimental about, so Cons continues to scroll through his collection.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for her?

“We went to Miami for work and it turned into romance,” Cons says. “I was shooting a video in Miami and I wasn’t going to leave her home, so it just turned into — we got down there, took a first class flight, we got to the Fontainebleau, and because I set it up with them, they gave us this suite that was incredible, one of the best rooms I’ve ever had in my life.” “It wasn’t just a room, you could have moved in there,” Jen says. “The whole table was laid out like a banquet full of fruits, croissants, and you’re looking at the beach, I mean, that’s living!”

Cons adds “It was some other sh—! It was amazing. And when they were like, yo man, we need you on set, I was like, I f—ed up. I can’t leave this place. It started out as work but it ended up being romantic.”

Do you have a special restaurant in the city?

“There’s a special spot we’ve been going to since we first started dating that has sentimental value to us. It’s called India on the Hudson in Hoboken,” Cons says. “They know us there and for them I think it’s cool to see like, wow, they stayed together!” Jen says since it’s not fancy, it’s a place they can bring Caiden which is even more special. “You look back at that place and then you see us on Love and Hip Hop, it just shows you how far we’ve come,” she says.

Later when we’re winding down and Jen’s already left the room, I realize the song question was still never answered so I ask Cons if he’s come up with one. He starts playing Babyface’s “When Can I see You Again” and says “This is my s—. But I want something that will make her emotional.” He lands on Stevie Wonder’s “As” and starts to sing along, and says “Jen will like this one. Here we go. That’s the one.”
[Photo: Lauren Weissler for VH1]