Mob Wives – Episode 6 – Everything Is Gone

“This is some scary s—.”

The women of Mob Wives, and everyone in the Northeast, were dealt a devastating blow when Hurricane Sandy hit, and now, the aftermath. No one can believe the destruction, the flooding the loss of life and property, and the fear of not knowing what’s going on with your family and friends.

Drita busily packs up what looks like the contents of twelve closets to donate to people who lost everything, explaining that that could have easily been her. Her house is just a few blocks from the evacuation zone and she, Aleeya and Gizelle spent the night of the storm with her mother, not knowing if their house was still standing.

Drita tells her girls that there are people who no longer have anything, explaining “We have to help them.”

All the women’s homes have been spared from bad damage, but in the blocks surrounding them, things are looking grim.

“It’s kind of amazing the way all the neighbors and people are coming together,” Love says, and at least there’s that one bright side to this tragic event. Everyone is pitching in, whether they’re donating clothes and diapers and supplies, helping friends who have endured more serious losses, or just trying to keep up morale.

Renee, who has been in treatment in Florida, gets word of just how overwhelming and widespread the damage is, and she can hardly believe it.

“I’m really thankful to God that my family’s okay, but it breaks my heart to know that there are families that lost lives, their homes, everything they own,” she says. Even though she’s helpless to assist people in Staten Island at the moment, her being out of the state was a blessing in disguise, she tells Ramona, because the added stress would definitely have tipped her over the edge.

As life gets slightly back to normal, Drita prepares for Lee’s return from prison and explains that “Lee is like Sleeping With The Enemy,” and basically is so OCD that everything in their house has to be neat and orderly and arranged at a right angle with labels facing forward. Aleeya, who was a small child the last time Lee lived in the house with her, is not psyched to hear about this.

“It’s almost impossible to make him happy when it comes to neatness,” Drita tells her. This sounds like my nightmare (as I type this recap sitting on a pile of clothes on my floor).

And if you thought that little tidbit into Drita’s love life is interesting enough, we also get a glimpse at one of Love’s past relationships. “Joey is a huge part of the book of Love,” she explains as she gets a call from the ex-boyfriend she stabbed. “God, I stabbed Joey so many times I can’t even remember why I stabbed him half the time,” she says. “I call him Iron Man because every time I stab him, the knives break in the house.” And yet when he calls her, he wants to see her. Rekindle some flames, talk some things over. But Love’s not interested.

“Thank you but no thank you,” she tells him. “I ain’t going to dinner with you.”

Love and Drita meet up so Love can tell her how Joey wants to meet up, but more importantly, she recounts the tale of when she stabbed Joey in front of his mother. “I just jumped out to stab him and I didn’t know his mother was behind him. Oh, lord it was SO f—ing embarrassing!” she says. Is “embarrassing” the right word for what that was?

Love tells Drita that Joey and Lee actually have a history together too — Love is not the only one who has taken out her aggression on Joey. He and Lee have also had an altercation and Love explains “Your husband hit him in the face with a bat! And the bat broke!”

Ramona still hasn’t told any of the girls that she’s engaged to her Joe (this now makes three mob wives with significant others named Joe, we’re going to have to start labeling them in some creative way to keep track), but she invites Karen to her new apartment to show her around and explain that hopefully one day, Joe will be out of jail and life will resume some normalcy. But until then, their engagement remains under wraps.

AJ is visiting Renee in Florida while she’s in treatment and together they get some family therapy to work on both of their coping. “I don’t agree with my mom’s addiction,” he says, “but she’s definitely been through a rough time. I feel bad for her.”

“I’m definitely not saying it’s easy but there should be no reason why you do drugs.”

Renee’s drug abuse makes AJ depressed and he tells the therapist that he wants her to get help for herself, not for him. Renee is shocked that AJ has so astutely picked up on her behavior and has been so affected by it himself, and she breaks down, apologizing to him for not even realizing what it’s been doing to him.

Big Ang is still busily working on hurricane recovery efforts, explaining that she put a call out on her “tweeter and Facebook” for supplies, and she’s received truckloads of bags for those who need them, and her “Bronx boys” who have swung by the Drunken Monkey with a trailer full of food. There will be no hungry people wanting for mozzarella or soppressata tonight.

It seems hard to believe that she was in treatment for a month, but it’s time for Renee to graduate from her rehab program, and her fellow patients are sending her off with well-wishes. It’s a bittersweet moment as she hears them send her off and also listens to their words of encouragement.

One of her fellow patients tells her that he initially thought she was “full of s—” but she proved him wrong. Others have grown attached to her as a mother-figure and as a “bad-a— b—h,” which are both actually accurate and complimentary assessments which she tears up at. Renee still has miles of recovery ahead of her, but she’s looking forward and starting fresh and heading home. Just like so many others in Staten Island, she needs to start rebuilding her life. Her new motto could be applied to any of the hurricane victims or those committed to helping, and it’s a perfect fit in any context. As she leaves treatment she is triumphant: “There’s nothing that can stop me.” Get it, mama.

Next week: Is Lee already home? Before Drita had the chance to turn all the labels on her canned goods facing forward?? What’s going on with that?