Draya Michele Is Just A “Regular” Girl Who Likes To Show Off Her Butt

We love Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele for many reasons, but mostly for her honesty. While she’s been at the center of rumors involving controversy magnets like Chris Brown and Gilbert Arenas, she’s keen to help others, whether it’s by providing dating tips for those looking to snag a belated Valentine (hint: one nice rose works well too, guys) or inspiring other women to follow their dreams. Because Draya is an open book, she leaves little to the imagination in her new cover story for Rolling Out magazine… and the interview is very informative as well.
To hold you over until the newest season of Basketball Wives LA, here are five things we love about Draya from her most recent pin-up.

1. Despite the fame and her list of notable beaus, she considers herself an average girl.
“I’m very regular. I like to do regular stuff with my guy. If we’re not going to the movies or to dinner, I like to stay in my house and cook. I’m still, like, a regular girl and a hopeless romantic.”

2. She pushes boundaries with her wardrobe on purpose — like the time she wore see-through pants.
“My pants were sheer and everyone is wearing sheer and their nipples and sides and pieces of their bodies are showing. But I’m a little bit more bold, a little bit more provocative than everyone else. So I decided to wear sheer in the butt area. And I think I pulled it off. The guys loved it. The girls didn’t like it. And that’s just how it is with my life. Everything that I do is not going to be liked by everybody.”

3. Getting paid to party is the best job in the world.
“People don’t understand the party aspect of [my job]. And I get paid to party, so why wouldn’t I? Who doesn’t want to party and make money partying? It’s like a win-win situation.”

4. She’s had to deal with her fair share of mean girls in the past.
“I just think that some women don’t like me because they don’t understand me. They don’t know the history, they don’t know where I come from, so there’s a little bit of a misunderstanding. They think that I’m dressing for attention when in reality I’m just a free spirit.”

5. Like Beyoncé, she’s inspired by independent women.
“A strong woman to me means that a woman can do it on [her] own. Whether she’s working, whether she’s going to school, whether she is a mother … whatever she is doing, she is doing it on her own. And whatever she is doing, she is succeeding at it and trying her hardest.”

Check out the rest of Draya’s photos over at Rolling Out.

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[Photos: Rolling Out]