Making Mr. Right Finale – Meet Your Perfect Match

It’s the final episode of Making Mr. Right, which means that it is time for the “matchmakers” to finally come clean. Also, they are in Panama! Each lady takes her potential Mr. Right on an excursion, under the ruse that they will be preparing them to meet their perfect match. Brittany feels “a lot of pressure because I’m not 100% confident in my decision to be here with Matt,” while Lindsay feels the same way about Niko (because she still likes Matt.) Rachel is excited to hang out with Ryan, but is nervous because she has “a lot to lose.” On the other side of the coin, the guys are excited, but nervous to meet these mysterious perfect matches they’ve been hearing so little about. Once the girls reveal the ruse, the ball is in the guy’s choice for the first time and they must decide if they have feelings for their “matchmaker” or if they want to leave Panama alone.

Brittany takes Matt on a boat ride through the Panama Canal. She questions whether or not they have “romantic chemistry, ” but they enjoy their time on the boat. Their body language suggests that the romantic chemistry is brewing as they sit mere inches from each other (when literally the entire boat is empty,) but Brittany still isn’t 100% because she still has Murphy on the brain.

When it’s time for her big reveal, she realizes that Matt “doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who will think this is funny or cute,” but still manages to get the words out in between bouts of nervous laughter. Once she makes the reveal, Matt’s facial expression says it all before he spells it out in his confessional, “I don’t feel good about this situation.” She suggests they go on a date the next day to get to know each other outside of the ruse.

Lindsay and Niko walk the street of Panama bargaining for the best deal on a fedora. She feels really comfortable on their date because she can “be herself a little more” and as the date progresses, Niko starts to feel the chemistry between them. She tries to force herself to put Matt out of her mind, but is having a hard time, especially knowing he’s on a date with Brittany. When it comes time for Lindsay to tell the truth there is a, “little voice in the back of my head telling me that I can’t do this, that Matt is the person that’s supposed to be sitting in front of me and I’m supposed to be revealing this to him.” But, she still asks him out regardless of her feelings.

Niko is psyched, not only that their “conspiracy theories are real,” but also because he’s “excited to go on a date” with Lindsay.

Rachel and Ryan go on a Panamanian rainforest adventure. They get onto a tram that leads them higher and higher into the forest. On the tram, Ryan gives her a flower and promises to protect her from any oncoming snakes they might encounter. Once they get to the top, they stand at a look out with a view of the entire rainforest. Just as we’re wondering how the heck Rachel is keeping up the ruse, she confesses that its really hard for her to keep it up because this is “definitely the most romantic date” ever. At the look out, Ryan surprises us by pulling out his own list of romantically themed questions for Rachel.

He asks her about her most embarrassing date, her “love language” (it’s quality time, for her) and if she prefers Karma Sutra of Cuddle-sutra (she likes to cuddle.) He is impressed because “she answered every single question pretty much exactly as I would have.” Rachel’s feelings for Ryan grow with each passing second and she is “terrified’ to make the big reveal because she isn’t sure how he will react. They order a drink and she pounds it for liquid courage and finally reveals her crush.

As he blushes and tells her that it is “great because everybody here kind of started having a hidden crush on their matchmakers.” She is elated.

When the guys get back to the house after their dates, they discuss how they’re feeling about the experience of being made into somebody’s Mr. Right. Ryan is feeling “really good” and “giddy” and is “happy about all the things.” Niko is “definitely excited about the date,” And Matt, is not happy at all. He had hoped their conspiracy theories were incorrect and feels that the girls molding them was counter-productive towards his development. He’s flattered, but not happy.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is also not happy in the predicament she’s created for herself and reaches out to April for advice. She is worried she made “a mistake” and feels terribly about leading Niko on. April advises her to do what she thinks is the right thing.

Rachel and Ryan go on their first actual date: a romantic picnic on the beach.

They sip champagne as they talk about how they’ve both developed feelings for each other. And, this might be the cutest date ever so hat’s off to you guys for making us extremely jealous. As they frolic in the water, she can tell he wants to kiss her, but is nervous so she goes for it and “plants one on him.”

We see a lot more kissing in this couples future. She quips, “I feel like we’re two little middle school kids who know we have a crush on each other…and I just love it.”

And he is thrilled to look “at her as my date and not my matchmaker.”

   Lindsay lets Niko down easy on their first date.

The girls are pretty used to making up lame excuses for the guys to go home by now, but this time she truly does believe that they are better off as friends. He is disappointed, but doesn’t want to be with her if she isn’t into it as well.

Brittany “needs confirmation  I made the right decision” and hopes to find that during her first official date with Matt. Unfortunately, he cuts right to the chase and tells her that “right now is not the right time.”

Ouch. Of all the being dumped clichés, this one ranks up there with ’it’s not you, it’s me.’ Brittany is disappointed, but it seems she is more disappointed that she lost her chance with Murphy.

Now that Lindsay knows “Matt doesn’t have any interest in Brittany I need to get my feelings out there,” if for nothing else, Lindsay needs closure on what she’s been feeling over the last eight weeks. She reveals her feelings for him while they are strolling down the beach. And this time, instead of being mad, Matt seems excited. In his confessional interview he blames spending too much time with Brittany on how he hardly knows Lindsay, but admits he does feel chemistry with her.

Lindsay is thrilled and asks him to join her on their first date that evening. On their date she admits she feels like this is her happy ending because its what she’s wished for all along. The tension between them becomes too much for Matt and he throws his wine into the pool, grabs Lindsay’s face and  places a juicy kiss on her.

Brittany comes to terms “choosing the wrong guy” and leaves beautiful Panama alone. But, luckily for her (and happy endings, in general) she has a very special surprise visitor. Murphy is sitting on her front porch with a giant bouquet of flowers patiently awaiting her return.

She runs to him and jumps into his arms. He tells her he can “see myself with you for the rest of my life.” And even tells her he loves her! She told him she was worried about his deal breakers so he reassures her, “I love every single thing about you. Your daughter is a huge part of you. I’m ready to embrace that.” Brittany is overjoyed.

She always knew that Matt made sense, but her heart wasn’t in it, but with Murphy the chemistry was there from the minute he got into the house. They share their first kiss and just like that they’ve all made their Mr. Rights!

What did you think of the season? Did you expect the guys to react the way they did? Who do you think makes the cutest couple? Let us know in the comments!