Love And Hip Hop Episode 8 First Look: “I Snuffed Her, What You Gonna Do?”

If ever there was a couple that has a love-hate relationship, it’s Joe Budden and Tahiry. Last time on Love And Hip Hop, Tahiry and Kaylin, Joe’s girlfriend, got into it, physically, and in the upcoming episode, Joe wants to hash things out with Tahiry and find out why she was so heated. Tahiry’s not having it.

When Joe show’s up to Tahiry’s job unexpectedly, she’s not happy to see him. “I don’t care what Joe f—ing feels. I’m just so fed up,” she explains. She admits she was wrong for getting into it with Kaylin, but her pain goes deeper than that. Tune in on Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT to watch what happens next.