La La’s Full Court Life: Style Tips For The Road

It was a night of traveling during this week’s double dose of La La’s Full Court Life–from quick trips to the casino, to frolicking along the beaches of Puerto Rico–but don’t you for a second think that La La Anthony hits the road in sneakers and sweats. During her multiple vacations, La La went all in with her love of fashion and gambling, but it was solely to teach Kiyan the importance of giving back to those who are less fortunate.

From showing central Connecticut how to party, to showing us where she got her feisty spirit, La’s style, as always, more than fit the occasion. Check out this week’s tips below and apply them to your next vacation, whether it’s over international waters or at a craps table near you.

Style Tip No. 1: A trip to the casino is never complete without your gambling shoes.

La La is a heels girl, but if the slot machines are going to tempt her, sneakers will allow for a quick escape from the watch of her money-conscious posse.

Style Tip No. 2: When heading to the country, always dress the part.

The crew heads to the foreign soil of Connecticut, and Dice knows all about country club couture.

Style Tip No. 3: A bright pop of color can distract from your mediocre golf skills.

The group is ready to hit the course, and no one can say La doesn’t look like a pro.

Style Tip No. 4: Get in good with the gambling gods by wearing shades they favor.

$3,000 in three minutes is proof that casinos love those who live loudly.

Style Tip No. 5: It’s her party, and she’ll pose three different ways if she want to…

If La La is hosting an event, there is no limit to how many selfies she will take.

Style Tip No. 6: UV rays are no joke; protect yourself accordingly.

La, Po, and Dice aren’t going to take any chances.

Style Tip No. 7: Extra large hoop earrings allow you to better hear your elders.

Or at least make it seem like you’re listening. Also, statement jewelry creates a conversation topic, should you run out of things to chat about during family reunions.

Style Tip No. 8: Make the most of your vacation by blending in with your surroundings.

Why waste time looking like a tourist? La and Kiyan walk the streets of Bayamón, Puerto Rico like locals.

Style Tip No. 9: Prepare for a big professional meeting with a day at the beach.

The perfect cure for any pre-audition jitters.

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[Photos: La La/Instagram]