La La’s Full Court Life First Look: Sneaker Shopping And Spoiling Kiyan

With summer vacations across the Atlantic and courtside seats to watch his dad go to work, Kiyan Anthony is already living a life most of us can only dream about. Yes, walking catwalks came before kindergarten, but La La still wants her baby boy to be polite and humble– no matter how many free sneakers are shoved in his face.

In a clip from Monday night’s all-new episode of La La’s Full Court Life, La and Kiyan check out the spread at Rookie U.S.A., where Little K is showered with love and adoration for being the face of Jordan Kids. Autograph signing ensues, as Mama Anthony nervously watches from the corner before reminding her son it’s important to say “please” and “thank you” during these kinds of scenarios. In his defense, it’s probably hard not to treat a store like your own closet when your dad’s face is everywhere you turn.

From scattered t-shirts to hordes of miniature sports fans running around unsupervised, it’s a moment that should remind all parents of the potential terror that can come with shopping for your child, and makes me wonder if I was better or worse running through the racks of Marshall’s at Kiyan’s age. (That’s a trick question; I never received swag of any kind.) But did La La handle it the right way? Weigh in!

Is La La Spoiling Kiyan?

But who could possibly say “no” to that face?

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[Photo: La La/Instagram]