The Gossip Game: For The Love Of The Chase

From The Newsroom to The Hills, media, the workplace, and the drama it creates have proven to be compelling grounds for television. Whether it’s scripted or presumed to be “real,” we’re fascinated with celebrities and the pop culture we’re consuming, but how much do we know about how these breaking stories are obtained?

VH1’s new reality series The Gossip Game pulls the curtain back on the competitive field of entertainment journalism, where deadlines are feared and bylines highly coveted. The battle to proudly announce “first!” does not exist solely within the deepest of comment fields, and seven established female writers understand the difficulties that can come with navigating the scene in hopes of landing an important exclusive, as well as what it’s like to be thrown for a loop one Kanye West rant at a time. Featuring Kim Osorio, Editor-In-Chief of The SourceJas Fly of, Sharon Carpenter of Global Grind, Ms. Drama, NYC Gossip Girl and New York radio personalities K. Foxx (Hot 97) and Angela Yee (Power 105.1), this group understands the work that comes with the territory, and that you often have to play nice to get the job done–even if you can’t stand your rivals.

The Gossip Game premieres Monday, April 1 at 9 p.m. on VH1.

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