Master Of The Mix Promo: In Search Of A Good Beat

Ever wonder how superstar DJs like Skrillex, Avicii, and Calvin Harris became household names? VH1 plans to show you, by diving into the world of electronic music in search of the next superstar on our upcoming reality competition series, Master of the Mix.

Nineteen aspiring EDM acts will perform before not only rowdy club denizens in search of a good beat, but industry experts like Ben Maddahi, Mia Moretti, and Kid Capri, all of whom possess the ability to either make or break their burgeoning careers. With DJs influencing major acts like Rihanna to Taylor Swift, as well as your mother’s personal playlists, the show aims to shed light on an up-and-coming genre that’s gaining momentum by the second, while also giving you reason to stay up late on Monday nights. How do mash-ups come to be, and what happens if you have to pee when it’s your turn on the tables? All this and more will be answered (we hope) in what should be a unique and entertaining spin on the classic competition show.

Master of the Mix premieres April 1 at 10/9 C on VH1. Set those DVRs accordingly!

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