Style Down To Her Fingertips: La La Anthony’s Best Nail Art

La La Anthony’s weekly style tips get her through the hairiest of situations, but the looks we see on La La’s Full Court Life are just the beginning. In addition to courtside couture, La La’s fingertips are regularly adorned with jewels, sparkles, and intricate design work that will surely crush those of us who take pride if our meager DIY efforts. But yes, applying polish streak-free is still worth celebrating! (Small victories, y’all.)

  • lalanails13-1362087064

  • lalanails7-1362086932

  • lalanails8-1362086933

  • lalanails9-1362086933

  • lalanails-1362086928

  • lalanails10-1362086934

  • lalanails11-1362086935

  • lalanails12-1362086936

  • lalanails2-1362086929

  • lalanails3-1362086930

  • lalanails4-1362086930

  • lalanails5-1362086931

  • lalanails6-1362086932

To get a better idea of just how boss La’s nail game is, we spoke to Shannon Metzger, editorial producer at Complex Media and owner of the nail art blog HailNails, who is a resident expert on polish, lacquer, and painless removal techniques. Indulge in some serious nail envy, and pick up some tips by clicking through Shannon’s take on the photos above.

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[Photos: La La/Instagram]