Happy Birthday, Kiyan! 10 Reasons Why Kiyan Anthony Is The Biggest Star In His Family

Today Kiyan Anthony turns six, and thus is one step closer to starting his own fashion line, owning a professional sports team, or following in La La’s footsteps by snagging his own television show. (He’s certainly got the personality for it!) To celebrate the occasion, we’re looking back on the cutest moments captured on La La’s Full Court Life and beyond, to prove why Little K will probably outshine the gigantic star power of his dear ol’ mom and dad one day.

1. He’s an adventurous eater

Whether it’s posting up at La La and his favorite spot (Red Lobster) or trying some of the day’s catch alongside the water, Kiyan has a very healthy appetite. He’s also smart enough to invite dad along for the tricky stuff (i.e. the handling of those crab legs).

2. He’s brave

But when you’ve seen an entire team of Olympic athletes chow down before a big game, it’s likely nothing scares you anymore.

3. He’s sweet

With a giant sweet tooth to match.

4. He knows the way to a woman’s heart…

Is through a fresh bouquet of flowers and agreeing to buy the lady of his life a necklace with the “100% money” of his own.

5. He runs in an elite circle

A warning to all his potential girlfriends down the road: Nicki Minaj is a tough act to follow.

6. He always has a ride…

Whether it’s by car, or…

7. And muscles

It’s never to early to start hitting the gym.

8. He respects his elders

And understands the importance of beauty sleep.

9. He’s proud to be an American

As long as he has fresh kicks to match the red, white, and blue.

10. He’s stylish

Stylish enough to become the face of Jordan Kids before he hit kindergarten. While long photo shoots and runway shows are no picnic, Kiyan’s work ethic and professional demeanor puts ours to shame.

Happy Birthday, Kiyan! Call us before you land your first celebrity girlfriend, okay?

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[Photos: La La/Instagram, Amar’e Stoudemire/Twitter]