Rich Dollaz Denies That Those Naked Pictures On The Internet Are Him

Rich Dollaz. What doesn’t this guy have to put up with? Between his girlfriend Erica Mena’s wild behavior, and his client Erica Mena’s wild behavior, he has a lot on his plate already, and now…the naked pictures have surfaced. But Rich is denying that those junk shots are him.

In case you haven’t seen them, there are some photos out there of “Rich” (in the Breakfast Club interview above he denies that the fully-naked photo floating around is actually of him), in various states of undress. Rich admits that one photo, in which he’s pulling up his shirt, is legit and he’s just checking out his abs. “Honestly,” he says, “lost a few pounds, was trying to compare and contrast.” Rich later says he doesn’t know who would have released the photos, so please, take a listen to his interview and feel free to debate whether or not you think it’s really him in the comments.