The Many Looks Of Love And Hip Hop‘s Lore’l: Because She’s Worth It

Lore’l has been in the music game for a while and like any good artist, she knows the importance of reinvention. The Love And Hip Hop star has changed her look up constantly over the past few years, from many multi-colored hairstyles to a more recent, polished look. She’s still rockin’ that grill, though.

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  • lorel-90-1362678832

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  • lorel1-1362675613

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  • 158583847JN030_Monami_2012_

  • 158685505JN072_T_I_In_Conce

  • 158583847JN032_Monami_2012_

  • 159120834JN012_Love_Hip_Hop

Catch up with Lore’l every week on Love And Hip Hop, airing Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

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[Photos: Getty Images/Instagram/Felix Natal Jr.]