La La’s Full Court Life: Style Tips For Horsing Around

On last night’s serving of La La’s Full Court Life, La La Anthony was craving a low key weekend away from the paparazzi. But just because she’s stepping out of the spotlight for 48 hours or so doesn’t mean she’s going to wear a paper bag! And besides, Po and Dice are willing to do everything they can to look like faux celebrities in her absence.

As part of her temporary retreat from the fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle, Kelly Rowland–just one of her many famous BFFs–was on hand to help La rediscover her fear of animals, while Jason helped her plan a day to remember for some of her most special fans. There may have been an unfortunate absence of Carmelo and adorable little Kiyan, but we did learn the many uses for a fresh pair of Jordans, as well as how to live out our own superstar dreams. Read on for this week’s sartorial suggestions.

Style Tip No. 1: If you’re going to go out of town with a member of Destiny’s Child, stay incognito in dark shades.

This also helps prevent the ranch hand from knowing whether or not you plan to sue him after that “relaxing horseback ride” goes awry.

Style Tip No. 2: When outside of the big city, connect with nature via your footwear.

Or, as La La puts it, her “Jordans to kick the motherf–king door down.” That works, too.

Style Tip No. 3: No girls’ night in is complete without the comfort of snack pants.

Embracing the magic of elastic waistbands isn’t giving up, it’s getting comfortable.

Style Tip No. 4: When returning home, always let a statement collar remind entourage members who’s boss.

A jacket likely purchased by the credit card Po and Dice just love to fool around with.

Style Tip No. 5: Greet the morning with some bling.

2 Chains have been proven to be much more affective than coffee in the wee small hours of the AM.

Style Tip No. 6: You’re not worthy of a sparkly diamond on your ring finger until your tips become conversation pieces of their own.

Bow down to the queen of nail art.

Style Tip No. 7: When meeting a fan who adores you, dress in your most “rich and famous” outfit.

To remind her why she’s so tickled by you, of course. Chanel? Check. Sparkles? Check. Glasses, in case there’s need for a quick getaway? Check, check, check.

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