Love And Hip Hop – Episode 10 – Three’s A Crowd

Olivia, we don’t even want to know the answer to that question.

Erica’s fuming about Liv recording her record, but she’s not mad at Olivia per se. But she is mad Rich would use that record against her. “What are you gonna do about management?” Yandy asks.

Erica’s in her emotions because she loves Rich. Yandy on the other hand is all business. READ MORE…

According to Yandy, Erica doesn’t have managers knocking down her door to work with her so Yandy’s advice is for her to go fix it. “I know Rich really wants to see you win. Who’s going to fight for you?” Erica just wants to hear someone say it’s messed up. Ok, Yandy gives her that. “It’s not about a record. You’ll have a million of those. Who’s is going to have your back? Who’s going to fight for you. You need him more than he needs you.” Yandy always brings the truth no matter how much it may hurt. Erica’s got to swallow her pride and make it work.

As soon as Tahiry shows her mom the latest magazine cover she’s on mom thinks it looks great but wants to know, “So when you going to get married?” Of course her mom asks about Joe to which Tahiry’s response is pretty much nonchalant. As long as Tahiry isn’t looking for a man like her dad, mom dukes is cool. “Daddy was my king,” Tahiry said. But her trust issues stem from him being unfaithful to her mom and having so many kids outside his marriage. Tahiry and her mom get emotional when Tahiry mentions her dad forcing her mom’s signature to secretly divorce her. It’s easy for her to connect the dots between her dad’s behavior and what she’s accepted from Joe. Luckily Tahiry has a mom that thinks no matter what he did to her in their marriage, he is still Tahiry’s dad and they need to talk through it.

Raqi invites Lore’l and Yandy over for dinner to tell them about her encounter with Rashidah. “I was like, ’Miss Thang, nobody cares about you. Who are you Al Bundy? You sell shoes.'” Raqi feels the weight of all the drama and it doesn’t make her feel too good. “I’m the epitome of when real goes wrong,” she said. “Why does this keep happening? Why do you care so much to make so many problems?” Yandy asks. Again, Yandy serves it straight, no chaser. She feels defeated. “I’ve fought so long for my reputation. I busted my a– to get to where I want to go,” she says through tears. Lore’l and Yandy tell her she has to keep pushing ahead and forget the haters.

“Yandy, she’s like a different type of breed,” Mendeecees tells Vado. Don’t worry. That’s an endearing compliment. “We all make mistakes, but for her to still be by my side through all my mistakes, through the ups and downs…” Mendeecees thinks this means he should marry her, but he thinks Yandy is still too focused on all his past infidelities. Vado suggests Mendeecees go to Yandy’s mom because once he gets in good with Yandy’s mother Yandy will come around. “Her moms is a church lady. I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to handle it.” Vado urges Mendeecees to trust him that there will be no more problems with Yandy if he chats with the matriarch of the family.

Erica’s pulling out the big guns to win Rich back as her manager. Rich’s mom is not blinded by Erica saying all the right things and let’s her know off the bat that she doesn’t like the two of them mixing business with pleasure. “You scare me because you say these things, but then I see you doing something different,” Rich’s mom says. “Still no contract, still no trust, still no respect as a manager. None of that.” Erica tells his mom it’s not just about the song she really wants Rich in her corner. Rich’s mom isn’t buying. “Erica, you’re good.You’re good at saying what you need to say.” She tells her flat out she’s not convinced and Erica shouldn’t move forward if she has this much apprehension.

Raqi goes to talk with Ebro at Hot 97 about the show she pitched him, letting him know Jen is no longer part of it. “What’s a wrap? Y’all didn’t even get started. What do you mean?” he says. Ebro lets her know he’s heard about all her beefs and it’s not a good look. He tells her the common denominator is her. “Everything in this business is about a relationship.” He tells her everything she has going on is not something a network wants to deal with inside of their business. Raqi takes up for herself claiming Consequence and Joe are only two people. When he asks her to name names of several other people she has connections to Raqi comes up short. Flustered Raqi yells, “I have the talent, I have the grind and I have the f—-g drive.” Ebro wants her to show and prove. And stop cursing at him in the meantime.

Erica uses what she has to get what she wants. She shows up at Rich’s apartment in lingerie to convince him she wants him back. “Do you get why I was kind of hurt?” she asks. Erica lays on the sweetness syrupy thick. The big picture to Erica is being with Rich if that what it takes to get her career on track.

Yandy and Mendeecees have a family day out with the kids and Yandy’s mom. He takes Vado’s advice and talks to her mom one-on-one. “I think it’s time for me to step up and marry your daughter. I wanted to see if it’s ok if I ran it by you first.” Yandy’s mom gives her approval. She tells him she wants to get to know him better because he’s pretty shy. And he tells her he knows she’s in the church so he always thinks she may be judging him. “I could never judge you because I have a prior life that wasn’t in the church,” she says. This season is winning with the smart, wise, well-spoken moms. Time to see the jeweler! “Shine bright like a diamond.”

Raqi goes to see Joe about this radio interview Ebro requested. “I’m glad to see the security in this building works so well,” Joe says sarcastically. Raqi presents the radio show to him as a way to make amends. “I need to prove that I can professionally get over personal humps,” she says. “To who?” he asks. “To myself.” Joe wants something in return if he does this favor for his former friend. “An apology,” he says. Oh, no problem. She immediately apologizes. No, no, no. He wants her to apologize to Tahiry. “You know what, I’ll think about it,” she says. Do you think that apology will ever happen?

Olivia meets with Rich’s ex, Tiffany. Tiffany tells Olivia she met Erica in the club, had sex with her and has been spying on her for Rich. “Basically, I hung out with Erica, how can I say this, spying for Rich,” she said. “I pretty much slept with Erica.” Erica doesn’t know Tiffany is spying on her for Rich, and according to Tiffany they became friends. “She’s telling me she loves me,” said Tiffany. Tiffany thought if she revealed to Rich that Erica was cheating he’d leave Erica and be with her, only her plan didn’t work. Olivia is confused by this whole love triangle.”Does Rich have like a gold-tipped d—?” Olivia asked. Olivia tells Tiffany straight up that Rich isn’t going to settle down with anyone. “He’ll settle down with me,” she said hopefully.

Joe wants to show his support to Tahiry by being there for her fundraiser for feeding kids in the Dominican Republic. While she’s there she’s going to finally talk to her dad. “I think I should go. I think it makes sense,” Joe says. “The fact that you’re going to have this conversation with your father is a big step.” She thinks he wants to have lusty sex with her on the beach. “This is not be asking you to accompany you, number one. Nor is this me accompanying you as your ex nor am I trying to come and have lusty sex on the beach.” “Oh n,o you are,” she replies. “I’mma even pay for my own ticket,” Joe says. Tahiry screams because she’s so used to paying for his “haircuts” so him paying for his own flight is a shocker. “You supported me this is about me supporting you.” Then he gives her money for her charity. “Lord. All I can say is Lord,” she responds. Something tells us these two on a beach together could lead to getting that old thing back.

Mendeecees takes Yandy to see a house in New Jersey. Yandy loves the house. “I just want different for my kids. I grew up in the streets,” he tells her. Yandy gets emotional and tells him there’s certain things she wanted to have in place before she had a family or bought a house. “Let’s think about the kids and the children first,” he said. Something tells us Mendeecees is up to something. When Yandy walks into the master bedroom to candles and flower petals she laughs out loud. “What in the world is this?” He drops to one knee to propose. “Are you serious?” Her eyes welled up with tears. Without a doubt she said she’d marry him. “You picked this out by yourself?” Awww she’s proud of her man for knowing how to pick a diamond.

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