Off Pitch Brings Small Town Show Choir To The World’s Stage

Tapping into the show biz dreams we all have somewhere down deep inside ourselves is VH1’s new series Off Pitch, which follows the activity–from tryouts to tear stains–of the Grand River Singers, the premier show choir of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Despite the larger-than-life personalities of its members, the group has been confined to its small town (population roughly 50,000) roots, with their eyes set on something much bigger: life outside of Wisconsin.

Leading the charge are Rob and Tim, co-founders and co-directors and the two “grown-ups” who tell it like it is. If Glee’s Will Schuester aimed to lift his group up by way of inspired weekly challenges and embarrassing ’90s rapping, these two believe the best way for their group to improve is through complete honesty. “We’re real,” Rob explains. Real enough to dress his female members up as German bar maids in a local parade–the costumes, the costumes!– and perform everywhere from cornfields to opera houses and grocery store aisles. Success doesn’t come easy, and this group shows that hard work, dedication, and one or two (or seven or eight) bouts of ugly crying is all part of the process.

Off Pitch premieres on Wednesday, April 17 at 10/9 C. You better watch–because who would dare to disappoint these two?

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