Meet Radio Maven Angela Yee, The Gossip Game’s Resident Party Girl

We’re counting down the days to The Gossip Game’s premiere on Monday, April 1st at 9pm ET/PT, and after introducing you to Kim Osorio yesterday, we now turn to a woman that New York and the tri-state area know all too well: Angela Yee.

Before landing her current gig at Power 105.1, Yee was a co-host on morning The Cipha Sounds Effect morning show at Sirius Satellite Radio station, Shade 45. Flipping that into bigger opportunities, the sultry-voiced host soon snagged her own her own morning show, The Morning After with Angela Yee, and weekly nighttime show, Lip Service, where her exclusive interviews with video vixens, rappers, models, and even porn stars were often the topic of conversation industry-wide.

WHO: Angela Yee
REPS: Power 105.1 as the female voice of their morning show, The Breakfast Club
CREDENTIALS: Wesleyan University
TWITTER FOLLOWERS: 296K (@angelayee)
OUTSIDE OF HIP HOP: Angela is a Belvedere Vodka Ambassador, the spokesperson for a Miss Jessie’s hair care line, and a VIBE columnist.
CLOSE WITH WHICH VH1 STAR: Lore’l, Love and Hip Hop

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In addition to hosting The Breakfast Club alongside DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God, Yee is an unapologetic party-goer who loves shoes and can often be found palling around with top artists and industry executives. Keep reading to watch her full interview.

Considering her high-ranking position in media and in the public eye, you might think Angela Yee would be a turf-protecting diva, but from what we’ve seen so far, she’s actually quite the opposite. A grounded-but-confident young woman hailing from Flatbush, Brooklyn, she seems secure it the spotlight; having worked at perfecting her craft over the years, Yee has a lot at stake and working hard to keep the crown is an endeavor that doesn’t make her flinch.

Tune in next Monday, April 1st at 9pm ET/PT to catch the premiere of The Gossip Game!

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