No Pun Intended: Who Is The Gossip Game’s Ms. Drama?

Say hello to Candice Williams, everyone! After The Gossip Game kicks off Monday, April 1st at 9pm ET/PT, you’ll be getting to know the woman who goes by “Ms. Drama” quite well over the next eight weeks.

Having gained a reputation for her larger-than-life personality over the years, Ms. Drama is a lot to handle and knows it. As a self-made business woman you’ll either relate to and root for or straight-up vilify, she has cultivated a strong sense of self and will to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of hip hop media. Born in Long Island and raised in Virginia, Ms. Drama has been scoring interviews with high-profile artists and industry insiders for years, despite the fact that she’s not backed by a brand beyond her own.

WHO: Ms. Drama
CREDENTIALS: Spelman College and NYU
OUTSIDE OF HIP HOP: Drama has a penchant for travel and enjoying good cousine

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After interning at her local news station in college, Ms. Drama was bitten by the broadcasting bug and moved back to New York to continue honing her skills as a graduate student at NYU. With Newsday, ABC Daytime, MTVU, Hot 97/Emmis Communications, Sirius and a public access TV show as bullets on her resume, the firecracker blogging-journalist now uses her weekly online Break Thru Radio show as a platform to flex her critical muscle. Keep reading to watch her full interview.

When she’s not hitting the streets to ask tough questions or attending listening sessions and concerts, Ms. Drama is making sure content is getting posted on her entertainment news and gossip site, Pleased with not having the red tape of other more formal media outlets, Drama prides herself in connecting with her interview subjects and breaking stories as quickly as her one-woman-band can. Buckle up, y’all!

Tune in next Monday, April 1st at 9pm ET/PT to catch the premiere of The Gossip Game!

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