Watch Tempers Fly In The Gossip Game’s Post-Screening Q&A

Last night’s press reception and premiere party for new series The Gossip Game was a doozie, and before Monday’s premiere at 9pm ET/PT, you can see the ladies field questions from the many notable media outlets present at the event. In addition to being put on the other side of the interview mic, the cast discusses covering the urban entertainment beat in NYC and gets candid on how taping the VH1 series has impacted their already hectic day-to-day lives.

Moderated by Monami Entertainment’s Mona Scott-Young, mixed feelings abound on this panel of seven media mavens. While some cast members feel “blessed” to be woven into the entertainment industry’s chaotic atmosphere, others have found adding The Gossip Game shoots to their schedule simply “intrusive.” Angela Yee and K. Foxx’s radio station turmoil, Sharon Carpenter’s bloggers vs. journalists debate, and the show’s portrayal of women are just a few of the topics touched upon by reporters in the audience. And in addition to a out-of-pocket question about girl-on-girl kissing from Kim Osorio’s husband, Kino, but keep your eyes peeled for rapper Bun B’s question toward the end. He goes in.

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[Photo: James Pray]

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