Wallpaper. And Wicked Single: A Match Made In Music Heaven

–Isaac Ayers

When the time came to find a theme song for VH1’s new series, Wicked Single, our team need not look any further than Oakland native Ricky Reed and Wallpaper. For a show that follows fun-loving young professionals in Boston, their infectious sound amplifies this cast of characters who offer just the right amount of comedy and cat fights.

As we’ve seen from the first two episodes, this crew of six tries to balance work with their love of going out, letting loose, and having a good time. This is where Wallpaper. comes in. We met with his label just as the window on the search for the show’s theme song was about to close. Fortunately, all it took was one listen to the lyrics (“Without some help sometimes/Need my friend sometimes/To bail me out sometimes”) and a driving beat to confirm we had the perfect complement to our visuals of a carefree cast having a drink (or six), playing pool, and horsing around.

“Good 4 It,” the anthem for an all-around good time, is out now on iTunes. Catch a new episode of Wicked Single on Sunday, March 31 at 11/10 C.