Struggle Face-off: Rich Dollaz Vs. Stevie J

Rich Dollaz and Stevie J.: two men whose lives, personal and professional, are a tangled web of women, clubs, and studio time. And did we mention women? Hence, the abundance of their ever-present struggle faces. But really, who has it harder, the guy from Atlanta with the relationship triangle and love bus that picks up strays wherever it can, or the guy from New York who can barely rein in his girlfriend-slash-client, and has everyone else in his life begging him to cut her loose?

Judging from their expressions, they both have it pretty rough. But can their faces help you through your own hard times? Of course!

These world-weary men have a pocket full of expressions for every trying occasion. Which one works best for you? Take a look at our struggle face-off and tell us who you think gets it right by saying nothing at all.

When your girl says she’s pregnant (and you’re seriously questioning her knowledge of biology)…

Miracles can happen, right Rich?

1. Whose Face Exhibits More #Struggle?

When her mother wants to know why you haven’t proposed yet…

Thank goodness for alcohol.

2. Whose Face Exhibits More #Struggle?

When there’s no hot water in the morning and you’re already running late…

Just another way the universe is trying to hold us down.

3. Whose Face Exhibits More #Struggle?

When someone tries to tell you that Chris Brown makes better music than Drake…

It blows our minds, too.

4. Whose Face Exhibits More #Struggle?

When your advances in the club get shot down… instantly.

They obviously don’t know what they’re missing, although this might be for the best. Do either of these two need another girlfriend-slash-client?

5. Whose Face Exhibits More #Struggle?

When someone scuffs up your brand-new sneakers…

This, friends, is the point of no return.

6. Whose Face Exhibits More #Struggle?

Overall, whose struggle face are you feeling the most? Who has the answer to every ethical dilemma and/or character assault coming from a woman with more slashes to her resume than a vintage AOL website? Let us know.

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