Behind The Scenes For Jen The Pen’s Spring Photo Shoot

Jen “The Pen” Bayer takes pride in styling herself for everything from Love And Hip Hop events to days at the park with her incredibly cute son, Caiden. And now that we know all about her style must-haves for spring, it’s time to learn just how Jen goes from mommy to model, all in one day.

  • Jen The Pen Photo Shoot

  • Jen The Pen Photo Shoot

  • Jen The Pen Photo Shoot

  • Jen The Pen Photo Shoot

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  • Jen The Pen Photo Shoot-1365102930

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  • Jen The Pen Photo Shoot

  • Jen The Pen Photo Shoot

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On a Tuesday afternoon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we watched as someone else did the styling for a change, joining Jen for a photo shoot with 19-year-old  up-and-coming stylist, Keir Miller. Moving ever so close to actual spring weather, talk was focused around bronzer (bronzer, and more bronzer), as well as maxi dresses, bathing suits, and anything that could show off her sample size frame, as well as blend her love for high and low fashion. Read more…

Minor setbacks are to be expected in the industry, and a day in the life of Jen The Pen is not without a few late arrivals or confused cab drivers–which is why it’s so important that she always be prepared. “I’m a control freak like that,” she told us. “I kept calling [Keir] all weekend wanting to know what he had pulled, [asking him to] send me pictures.” For a woman who’s used to handling herself from start to finish, this was a big step, and we were on hand to watch it all go down, from the makeshift alterations to the repeated bronzer applications. (Never enough!)

Check out the hair and makeup process and the final product in the photos above, taken by VH1’s fearless photog, Jennine Cusimano, and read on for more of Jen’s take on “dressing for women” and coordinating outfits with the family.

Take us through the process of getting ready for an event: What are you thinking? What kind of looks are you trying to pull for yourself?
I want to definitely stand out from the rest of the girls on the show, that’s always my thing. It’s really about selling what you’re wearing and inspiring other women to dress. I’m not dressing for other men, I never dress for men, and I always dress for women. I like to look at women who can dress and say, “Oh my god I love the way she put that together!” Not because she has a big fat ass, not because she has big tits hanging out, [but] I really want to see another woman who inspires me to dress.

What constitutes “dressing for men”?
I think tight, revealing, like “F–k Me” dresses, basically. But every now and again we all need one of those kinds of dresses, right?

Do you think most women do that or do you think most women dress for men?
I think it might be split down the middle. I think there’s women that dress for men and then I think there’s women who dress for other women. Women who dress for other women, those are my type of women.

How long does it usually take you to get ready?
When we’re filming for the show it’s usually like a two-hour process between hair and makeup. On my days off when it’s just me and Caiden, it’s still a process because I shower, I have to do my makeup, I have to do my hair, and Caiden’s pulling me. On Mommy days it still takes me two hours because he’s pulling me in every which way and direction so I could never get out of the house in time.

Has the show helped you learn what works for you and what doesn’t? Have you had to adapt?
Yes, definitely! I don’t feel like I had any fashion failures this season. I don’t really think I looked at anything and said, “Oh I shouldn’t have done that.” Over the years I think I’ve learned how to dress for my personality and for my shape. I’m really happy with all the looks that I pulled, the one thing I did learn was that hair really matters, hair and makeup really matters.

What are some of your makeup products that you use and couldn’t live without, even on Mommy days?
I can’t live without bronzer. I die for bronzer. If I’m not naturally tan or salon tan I need bronzer every day. Even when I’m tan I need bronzer. I love a soft pink lip and mascara and I’m good.

What about wardrobe essentials?
I think that everyone needs a good leather jacket that you can wear for years. I’ve had mine for four years now; a good leather jacket never goes out of style and a good watch never goes out of style. In the winter I love really good scarfs, I’m an accessory junkie as you can tell…

I know, I really love your bracelets!
Thank uou! I think there are little things that every girl needs to have that last a lifetime.

Would you ever consider creating your own line?
I would love to. I really would love to a shop for Target line–kind of follow in the footsteps of what Lauren Conrad did Kohl’s. I don’t want to do something super high-end that people can’t afford. I want to do cute pieces for Target, that would be my dream.

Do you ever wish you could style people on the show? Since you like choosing stuff yourself…
No because I want to look like the best dressed. I don’t want to style anyone else on the show.

Is there anyone on Love And Hip Hop who you think needs a makeover?
I mean there’s a lot of people that I feel like could switch things up a bit…

Is Caiden starting to dress himself?
Caiden definitely likes clothes. He’s still too young to choose, but he knows when he’s getting dressed for the park versus getting dressed to go out; he always has a different swag. Cons has these two chains he lets Caiden wear and Caiden will walk around the house with them. Yesterday he had his black Seven skinny jeans on, a white t-shirt, his black Timbs, and the two chains. He walks with a different swag then when he has sweatpants on–he’s just feeling himself and his little chest comes out. Cons and I, we’re clothes people; we love fashion, so he gets it.

Do you and Cons ever try to coordinate your outfits?
Cons doesn’t like to do that, no.

Does he let you give your input in what he’s trying on?
Yeah, we both do. Cons is like my fashion consultant. We don’t really go shopping without each other.

Do you two try to match with Caiden?
I just let Caiden be himself, I’m not really, like, trying to make our whole family match with each other. We all have the same style; we all shop together, Cons and I shop for Caiden together, Cons shops for me when I’m not there. We always look like we belong together and that’s what’s important to me.

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[Photos: Jennine Cusimano for VH1]