Vivian From The Gossip Game: Ratchet Or Just Real?

Some might consider what Vivian Billings does to be the most tawdry form of reporting in urban entertainment, but to her, breaking stories on her blog is all in a day’s work. Our seventh and final Gossip Game cast member to bring you up to speed on before Monday’s premiere at 9pm ET/PT, low-profile-until-now Vivian might actually be your future favorite.

Industry insiders get scoop on the celebrities they’re surrounded by on the daily, but most don’t wind up using their gathered information as currency. Vivian Billings is not one of those people. While working for All Access DVD as a talent coordinator back in 2001, Billings found her calling. What started as simply keeping tabs on the sets she’d work on soon parlayed into the launch of her website; in need of an entity to house all of her collected scoop, was born.

WHO: Viv AKA The NYC Gossip Girl
OUTSIDE OF HIP HOP: Vivian is a wife and mother of 4 kids

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Reporting on gossip isn’t why we love Viv, though. Both feisty and a sweetheart, it’s her compelling personality that draws you in. And it runs in the family; related to Star of Star and Buc Wild fame, you better believe the national radio personality makes an appearance on his cousin Vivian’s new reality show as early as the first episode.

As the entire cast sat on stage during a post-screening panel during Wednesday’s press reception and premiere party for The Gossip Game, show creator Mona Scott-Young referred to the refined goonette as “the realest” of the bunch. If that’s not a compliment, what is? Keep reading to watch her full interview.

Repping Jamaica, Queens, Viv has a whole different life beyond the world of hip hop gossip. Working a nine-to-five job at a hospital in Long Island, she has tried her best to juggle that, being a mother to her children, and breaking stories on her site. “If the streets are talking, I’m gonna report what they’re saying,” she told us in the interview below. Check out the clip, and don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9pm ET/PT to catch the premiere of The Gossip Game!.

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