Love And Hip Hop – Season Finale – When It All Falls Down

Love and Hip Hop is wrapping the season with a few doors being closed as other windows open up. From the fights to the broken friendships to old flames rekindled, the cast held no punches. No pun intended. Get into the recap of the season finale to find out if some of your burning questions were answered.

Joe’s back from the Dominican Republic and has to break the news to Kaylin that he and Tahiry may have unfinished business. “I was going f—- crazy,” Kaylin tells Joe. “You’ve been strong,” he tells her. As Kaylin anxiously awaits to hear how his trip with Tahiry was he informs her there’s no clear cut answer to whether or not he’s still in love. However, he does let her know the trip was amazing. Kaylin wants to know where he stands with Tahiry and where they stand as a couple. Joe’s response, “Good question. Let’s pray on it.” Kaylin, girl, we have a prayer for you. Pray to be released from the hold Joe has on you and RUN.

Tahiry recaps her trip to DR for Rashidah, but Rah only wants to know two things: “Did you guys kiss? Did you guys f—?” Way to cut to the chase. “You know what Rah? I kind of think that maybe I’m not all the way done with Joe.” Tahiry isn’t telling Rah anything she didn’t know already. “How long do you think it’s gonna be before you guys are having a little Joey Jr.?” A little Joe-hiry running around, eh? The kid would be cute as all heck but first Joe has to figure out what he’s doing in his current relationship.

At Erica’s lipstick launch party Rich decides to tell her he’s not happy that she hooked up with Tiffany. But if they’re broken up, why would it matter? “I’m feeling a way about opportunities I’ve given you to come clean about a bunch of s— that you’ve yet to come clean about.” In Erica’s mind she’s told him everything he needs to know. Meanwhile Rich is feeling like the whole relationship is a lie. “You told me you don’t f— with girls no more but you do,” he said. When he brings up Tiffany’s name Erica’s whole demeanor changes. Erica is holding on tight to the lie that her relationship with Tiffany is all hearsay. Problem with that is Tiffany is at the party. “You want like an acknowledgement of me smashing you?” Erica asks. “You a b— from the projects and you here up like you somebody,” Erica continues.

Erica’s mad now that she realizes she’s been played and caught up in her lies. She tells both Rich and Tiffany to swap stories on how good her co*chie is. Tiffany tries to explain that it wasn’t supposed to go down like this. It’s too late because Erica’s seeing red and punches her in the face. This probably wasn’t the best time for Rich to address this whole situation.

Mendeecees has been in federal custody for about a week and Yandy hasn’t talked to him in days. When he finally gets a chance to call Yandy he asks about his sons. “Where’s Mendeecees? This is the longest I’ve ever went  without speaking to him, without seeing him. Kind of makes me sad,” he tells Yandy. Mendeecees tells Yandy she has to stay strong for the kids because they’re watching. “I can’t even explain how much I miss y’all.” Yandy has a lot on her plate with taking care of the kids and making sure Mendeecees’s attorney is on top of things.

Raqi’s apology to Tahiry didn’t really work out as expected so it’s time to face the music with Joe. “I tried my best to come up with the most sincere apology I could give the girl. The sincerest apology that I could come up with was that I had low tolerance for her bulls—.” Joe tells her that the “exercise” had nothing to do with Tahiry and everything to do with Raqi. “F— Tahiry. I wanted you to show growth,” he says. Joe really thinks he’s a psychiatrist. Joe doesn’t think she gave her best. Joe tells Raqi it’s her, not everybody else, that is messing up her reputation. “You have so many things working in your f—- favor. It’s you. You f—-g it up for you.” Raqi gets emotional explaining how tough it’s been. At least the two hug and make up.

Rich takes his mom, Olivia, Peter and crew to dinner to thank them for riding it out with him through the whole Erica debacle. Rich’s excuse: I love bad bitches, that’s my f—-in’ problem. “Don’t bring no more funyuns up in here either,” Olivia said. Rich doesn’t regret working with Erica because it was a learning experience. Dollaz Unlimited is back on track, baby.

Mona Scott-Young wanted to check on Yandy after the news spread of Mendeecees arrest. “It’s probably one of the darkest times of my life,” Yandy confesses. Mona cuts to the chase, wanting to know if Yandy’s prepared to wait as long as it takes. “Absolutely. I love that man.” But realistically if he’s not coming out any time soon Mona wants Yandy to think of herself first. “But most importantly for me, I need to know that you’re ok, that you’re going to think about yourself first because that little baby has nobody but you.” Mona implies she fell in love with the wrong person. “You are loyal to a fault.” Yandy promises she will remain loyal because she doesn’t feel she fell in love with the wrong person. Mona kept it real with Yandy and gave her some things to really think about.

Joe broke up with Kaylin so he could move forward with his ex. He planned a getaway for the two of them hoping they could get back to the place of honesty they reached in DR. When she asks where they’re going and he wants to know why she has to know everything she says, “Because I’m from the hood. I don’t get in nobody’s car without knowing where I’m going.” Joe tells her sex is coming soon. “You have to earn the old Tahiry.” Joe’s in the car saying all the right things. He finally gets that a relationship is about compromise. Or at the very least “Unhappy woman, unhappy home.”

Erica has a meeting with Rich in his car. “I don’t think it was smart of you to put me in that situation, but then again I don’t think you were really thinking of me.” Erica’s feeling betrayed and wants to know why he didn’t tell her he was sleeping with Tiffany. But Erica was also sleeping with Tiffany. “I did my research, come to find out y’all been rocking out for a year,” Erica said. “Deception breeds deception,” he responds. This love triangle is messy. They’re going in circles about being mad both of them were sleeping with the same chick behind one another’s back. Erica blames Rich for not proudly claiming her. “Maybe I would have never felt some type of way to get head from a b— and send her back home in a dollar van.” Rich is mad Erica had him playing the fool. “You was worth it to me.” Erica gets emotional and gets out the car. She feels bad about how everything played out. Rich follows her after thinking he was too hard on her. “We gotta figure this s— out,” he said. Erica cries into her hand while Rich tells her he’s still her best friend. Something tells us this ain’t over.

Tahiry and Joe are figuring it out in the mountains. “No TV in this b—?” Tahiry asks. Nope. Just the bed and the two of them. “I’m proud of you. You’ve made some kind of changes,” Tahiry said. “Happy to have your old thing back,” she teases him. What’s in the cards for these two is the luck of the draw.

Yandy’s focusing on work for multi-media empire. “And what I do best is hustle.” Jen and Cons are focusing on the moment of being mom and dad. “Anything I did is because I put my family first.” Raqi’s on to soul searching. As for Rich he’s back on his grind. He wishes Erica could’ve been there for the ride, but “you don’t always get what you wish for.” Erica’s focus is to get right. “Right now, my main focus is to get Erica where she needs to be.” Joe is realizing that he can’t move forward with anyone else until he and Tahiry figure it out. Tahiry’s feeling blessed for the business opportunities. “Today I’m not afraid to try anything.”

Stay tuned for updates on the cast during the Love and Hip Hop reunion part I on Monday, April 8.