Who Was With Joe More?: Joe And Tahiry Vs. Joe And Kaylin

’Was Kaylin really Joe Budden’s girlfriend?’ questions swarmed around the ’net after the first episode of Love and Hip Hop aired where a young Kaylin dangled her feet in the pool while her man’s ex argued with one of his female friend. It looked like she never batted an eye to what was going on, which had viewers wondering what kind of girlfriend was cool with two women arguing over her man. But Kaylin kept on trucking as a ride or die chick.

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As the season went on Tahiry became a permanent presence in Joe’s life leading him to wonder if he was still in love with her. Kaylin continued supporting his friendship with Tahiry, ultimately supporting his decision to travel to DR with Tahiry. Secure girlfriend or naive woman? Not only did Tahiry and Joe eventually get that old thing back, they were actually together more than Kaylin and Joe throughout the season. We took the liberty of grabbing shots of Tahiry and Joe vs. Kaylin and Joe for the entire season. And Tahiry and Joe’s togetherness surpasses Kaylin and Joe by a long shot. Poor Kaylin.