Shots Fired: The Best Cast Tweets During The Gossip Game Premiere

If you missed last night’s East Coast premiere of The Gossip Game and were curious how the seven cast members reacted to their on-screen debuts, we’ve got you covered. As each scene unfolded, Kim Osorio, Angela Yee, K. Foxx, Sharon Carpenter, JasFly, Ms. Drama and Vivian let their Twitter yoppers fly, and like a well-functioning flux capacitor, we can bring you back in time to get the details.

Like any good series introduction, episode 101 of The Gossip Game gave us a healthy bird’s eye view of each cast member’s daily grind in competitive space of hip hop media. And that’s just it: while these women may get along and enjoy one another’s company from time to time, they’re all ambitious and will likely butt heads competing for scoop during the season. So let’s take it to the streets tweets, shall we, and see what the cast had to say as the premiere unfolded in real time. Tweet, Tweet!

During JasFly’s joint-interview with Angela Yee and K. Foxx, it became clear that Foxx was refusing to utter the words “Power 105.” Flying her Breakfast Club flag high, Angela Yee chimed in to poke fun at the empty space.

When Sharon Carpenter went to her Global Grind mentor, Russell Simmons, for help, he first asked her for a hug and then proceeded to tell her she smelled nice. JasFly couldn’t help herself with this one!

Our guest tweeter @Combat_Jack took over the @VH1GossipGame twitter account to live tweet this week’s episode. Repping for Kim Osorio’s husband, Kino (who we have our eye on as a breakout character), @Combat_Jack tweeted what Kino said after Kim informed him she’d be moderating an all-female panel on hip hop. Good grief.

During the show, Ms. Drama interviewed aspiring rapper Hot Waterz on her internet radio program, Break Through Radio. Within moments, Hot Waterz’ quirky “wurrrd” catchphrase was being quoted all over the Twitterverse and Drama came to the artist’s defense against the many who jokingly questioned her booking him in the first place.

Escaping some on-screen bickering chaos to take a moment to salute her more mature peers Danyel Smith and dream hampton, Kim Osorio re-tweeted a compliment that had been directed their way. Salute!

At Angela Yee’s blogger appreciation event, Ms. Drama and Vivian exchanged some unpleasant words. On-air, Viv repeatedly referred to Drama as a pitbull, and it’s clear the sentiment has not diminished much since the show’s taping.

After repeatedly joking about K. Foxx having to submit to Hot 97’s over-protective rules, Angela Yee sent this tweet during a scene when her radio rival was huddling with station program director Ebro and her morning show compadres, Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds. The guys were giving K. Foxx suggestions on how to better handle press requests and avoid getting bamboozled; Ang saw her opening and went in.

During the verbal altercation between Vivian and Ms. Drama, JasFly wasted no time to make it clear whose side she’s taken.

Everyone misspeaks here and there, and in this case, Ms. Drama said “offstandish” instead of “standoffish.” Guest tweeter @Combat_Jack caught it. Follow @VH1GossipGame to find out what hip hop media heavyweight will be taking the reigns for next week’s episode!