Yandy’s Side-Eye Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

Yandy has one of the illest side-eyes in the history of Love and Hip Hop. That constant “Girl, you done lost your damn mind” look is classic and relevant in mostly any situation. If looks could kill Yandy’s would leave everyone slayed.

  • admittinghesmashedrah

  • checkthesechicks

  • clown

  • coveryourpurse

  • cryinglisteningtotheboo

  • dealwithme

  • ericabetrippin

  • ericabetrippin2

  • girl

  • missingapole

  • newjersey

  • nohelppickingring

  • nosex

  • raqijen

  • raqijen2

  • recordstoreep7

  • shedonelostherdamnmind

  • shock

  • stayuplatewiththebaby

  • takemeoutthatbook

  • thedrama

  • what.

  • whodoesthatep7

  • yandy at winter’s

  • yandy_mandeecees_rashidahcomment

Whatever the issue–Erica getting ratchet at her event or Rashidah calling her man a clown–Yandy keeps it cute by reading chicks with just a look. Without raising her voice or fighting she’s basically flipping the bird all while remaining classy. Chicks could take lessons in Yandy’s “chile, please” face. Bow down.

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