Ratchet Power Hour: Drinking Along With The Gossip Game

Wicked Single fans who tried out the show’s official drinking game already know how inebriated VH1 stars can get us when we let them. Without further ado, I present you with The Gossip Game’s own drinking game, Ratchet Power Hour!


Grab whatever your drink of choice might be -beers or cocktails- and get situated. Each time the word “ratchet” is used during the episode, you take a healthy sip. Trust us, you’ll be drinking quite a bit by the time the hour’s up.

Simple, right?

Here’s where it gets even more interesting for your liver: Every time someone says “El Racheto” (we’re looking at you, Ms. Drama), you have to take a shot. If you’re drinking beer, make it beer. If you’re drinking liquor, get out your college shot glass, and like Rihanna says, pour it up.

Are you built for this? Do you think you can hang?

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