Ms. Drama And Vivian Square-Off In Episode Two Of The Gossip Game

Picking up where The Gossip Game’s premiere last week left off, the show’s second episode went deeper into the brewing tension between bloggers Ms. Drama and Vivian. But who’s in the wrong: the quick-to-see-red Puerto Rican from Jamaica, Queens, or the talks-too-much shot-thrower from Harlem?

In tonight’s epsiode, the ladies come together (save K. Foxx, natch) to celebrate Angela Yee’s birthday. While the guest of honor attempts to set Sharon up with her famous friend (*waves at WeeBey*), Kim decides it’s a good time to have Drama and Viv bury the ratchet hatchet. Unfortunately, some ideas are better in theory than they are when executed.

In the clip below, you see how quickly a rational conversation can turn ugly. But after all is said and done, who’s more responsible for their episode one Aloft tiff getting so blown out of proportion? I mean, they’re tossing around phrases like “pitbull,” “trick heffer,” and “you’re mother is trash” – watch and decide for yourself!

Who’s The Bigger Troublemaker?

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