The Gossip Game First Look: When A “Pitbull” Meets “Viv Mode”

The Gossip Game series premiere introduced us to the tense and at times competitive relationships of various women covering the hip hop world. Episode Two picks up right where we left off: at what is supposed to be a happy and celebratory “Blogger Appreciation” event, hosted by Power 105.1’s Angela Yee. Tempers flare, voices are raised, and we all get a feel for the different nicknames Vivian is prepared to pull out of her metaphorical hat.

It’s hard to say where the bad blood between Ms. Drama and Viv began, but we now know that “Viv Mode” is not something to mess with. Neither Sharon’s soothing British accent nor Angela’s ruffles can calm down this crew.

Take a first look at the events to come, and catch an all-new episode of The Gossip Game on Monday at 9/8 C.

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