Gossip Game Tweef Alert: Bickering Over Points On The Board

Breaking news, you guys: Two of our beloved Gossip Game cast members just had a pretty snippy exchange over Twitter, and it wasn’t Vivian vs. Ms. Drama. Whoever said that the male ego is difficult to tame obviously never came face to face with a competitive woman.

In Sharon Carpenter’s recent interview with CocoaFab, she was asked to give her thoughts on her fellow castmates. When JasFly’s name came up, she said the following:

She’s an up and coming journalist. I think she’s a smart woman, I think she often takes things I say the wrong way and doesn’t necessarily want to admit that I’m further along in my journalism career than she is. We will see some of that played out on the show. I feel like it’s a journey for all of us and it may be never ending, but for me I know I still have a long way to go, but I know I’m further along than some of the women are. There’s nothing wrong with not being as far along as I am and I think that’s something JasFly is dealing with in regards to me. She can be a little sensitive about that. All in all, I have nothing against her and she’s cool. I think she’s smart and I think she’s on her way to success.

Shots fired? Upon reading this interview, JasFly took to Twitter to “clarify a couple things” for her castmate. Take a look at our tweet gallery to get the full back-and-forth details and take the poll on the next page.

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  • The Gossip Game Twitter Beef

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Who’s Further Along In Her Career: Jas Or Sharon?

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