Curtain Up: Watch The First Episode Of Off Pitch Right Now!

If you’re like us, you’ve been looking forward to the premiere of Off Pitch as much as that high school rendition of Les Miserables. Because nothing is more terrifying than a theater kid or show choir junkie scorned, we’re bringing you an exclusive sneak peak of our new series to help calm any pre-show jitters you might be experiencing–or, simply your unwavering obsession with jazz hands.

Before we get to the main event, here’s a quick who’s who on some of the characters you’ll be hearing a lot from…

ROB (right) AND TIM (left)

Co-founders and co-directors of Grand River Singers, these partners of seven years spend the majority of their time focusing on choreography and song selection for their group–in between housing stray group members who are “in between” apartments. They believe that honesty is the best policy, and fully support their group’s imperfect aesthetic. Their blunt take on what’s presented before them, as well as their zingy one-liners, will have you quoting the duo in no time.


The only straight male member of GRS, who is not afraid to let his feelings (and tears) show. While he arguably has his pick of the many beautiful ladies in the group considering the former, he’s been known to launch an epic belch or two, in between practicing his best lap dance moves.


Heralded for his great vocal talent and uncanny ability to get on other people’s nerves. Despite the grievances others may have with him, he appears to be the master of delivering stinging side-eye.

Off Pitch premieres Wednesday, April 17 at 10/9 C. Catch a sneak peak of Episode 1 above!

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