A Behind The Scenes Look At Tahiry And Rashidah’s Dressing Room At The Love And Hip Hop Reunion

A complete transformation takes place from the time the cast of Love and Hip Hop enters their dressing room to the moment they strut on stage. Luckily, we’ve captured the before the glam shots (you’ll see the after tonight when Part I airs) in Tahiry and Rashidah’s dressing room, which was very live with this duo’s jokes.

Look who we have here–it’s Joe’s mom. Hmmm. If Joe’s mama is sharing a dressing room with Tahiry does that mean they’re back together? Rashidah’s fur makes it’s own appearance. “You know Rashidah had to come exquisitely with her, what do you call this, Rashidah?” “Squirrel!” Rashidah jokes. Rashidah had her outfit picked since February, meanwhile Tahiry found her dress two days ago. The theme for their dressing room prep basically boils down to: more makeup, more hair, more makeup, more hair. Repeat. Oh, and Tahiry wants you to know, “Plus I sweat like a math teacher.” It’s safe to say she puts her dress on minutes before hitting the set. Tune in tonight at for the Love and Hip Hop reunion part I at 8PM ET/PT.

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