The Gossip Game: You Can Find Them In The Music

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The Gossip Game offers an inside glimpse into the world of hip hop, taking you behind the scenes into the lives of the women reporting on the backstage drama. But what about the music within the show?

Viewers will find that at times these women lead more compelling and complex lives than the musicians they report on. This season we’ll be privy to the struggles and the triumphs of these six personalities as they navigate the music industry trying to gain notoriety and respect in the male dominated genre. Finding a track that complimented these overall themes was a challenge and when we heard “Find Me In The Music” by indie artist Kat Capone, we knew it was a match.

Finding the track was truly serendipitous; we were coming up on the deadline for a theme song when an old college acquaintance tweeted a link to Kat’s EP, Summer 22. I took a listen and instantly knew that it was the perfect blend of infectious urban pop that was well suited for VH1 and The Gossip Game specifically. “Find Me In the Music” had a catchy hook and was lyrically right on the money (If you’re looking for me/You should know/ You can find me in the music). These women live and breathe hip hop, it drives their careers and influences their friendships and romantic relationships and “Find Me In The Music” encapsulates that lifestyle.

Monse Barerra is a member of VH1’s Creative Music Integration team and a contributing writer for VH1 Tuner and VH1 Blog.

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