Twitter Round-Up: The Best Gossip Game Zingers During Episode Two

As last night’s second episode of The Gossip Game hit air at 9pm EST, Kim Osorio, Angela Yee, K. Foxx, JasFly, Ms. Drama and Vivian took to Twitter to comment as the show unfolded. With our guest tweeters @ItsTheReal also joining the conversaion, you already know the jokes and jabs were in abundance.

Titled “Ratchet To Ratchet,” episode two of The Gossip Game was centered mainly around issues between Vivian and Ms. Drama that began percolating during last week’s premiere. Wasting no time to contribute their unsavory thoughts on one another, the entire cast (except Sharon) tweeted and RTed away throughout the entire hour. Keep reading to see what they had to say starting on the next page!

Viv definitely has a robust diss vocab, but yes, Drama, you are correct. “Pitbull” was used quite liberally during this episode.

After the heated exchange at the Aloft blogger event, Sharon and Kim asked Drama if the beef between her and Vivian was perhaps over a man. Drama insisted that it wasn’t, and Viv is clearly in agreement. PS: We loved Kraze’s pep talk, Viv!

Guest Tweeters @ItsTheReal were relentless with their jokes last night, and right after Part 1 of the Love & Hip Hop reunion, made some seamless transitions with their one-liners. This one in particular was aimed at Joe Budden and Viv’s husband, Kraze. Click-clack, pow-pow.

Viv was not shy about critiquing Drama’s hair during this episode, and with this tweet, narrowed her focus to her adversary’s forehead region.

Too harsh? Making a rare appearance on our Gossip Game timeline last night was K. Foxx with an out-of-nowhere uppercut to Angela’s jaw. It seemed like she was implying Angela could benefit from working out more often, but couldn’t we all? #HealthFirst #DefinitelyShots

Giving us a breather from the more tense moments during the episode, Kim hopped on JasFly’s retweet of Charlamage The God to make a sarcastic joke about women greeting the day with a face full of cosmetics. A proponent of keeping it real, Kim has been known to dare women to post their makeup-free faces on Instagram.

Clap back alert. After K. Foxx’s assertion that Angela could lose a few pounds, the Power 105 personality hit her with a stripper jab.

Taking a cue from Ebro’s scene with K. Foxx where he poked fun at her on the air, Angela repeated the accusation that her Hot 97 rival had been intimate with many a dude in the industry.

Striking once again, @ItsTheReal hit Twitter with a poignant tweet regarding one of our favorite periphery characters, Kim’s husband Kino. As Kim tried to pick out an outfit for Angela’s birthday, he sat on their bed being his charming self… and wore glasses.

Not super active on Twitter during the show’s airing, JasFly chimed in to comment on the episode’s overuse of the word ratchet. But who was this tweet directed at? Drama, Vivian, or both?

It’s unclear whether or not this tweet was aimed at K. Foxx after her “you’ve seen all the rappers’ johnsons” moment with Ebro, but it’s safe to assume it was. If not, was Angela implying something about one of her other cast members?

Keeping it light once again, Kim commented on trying to mediate the beef between Drama and Viv. Once their tempers started to flare, she slowly removed herself from the situation, and with this tweet, we now have a comical explanation.

Providing a bit of context for some of the women in the camera shot during Viv and Drama’s argument at the bowling alley, Viv made it clear that, had it come to that, she was ready to do battle.

Kim and Kino 4eva.

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