Were The Love And Hip Hop Reunion Lie Detector Results Accurate? [POLL]

When the lie detector results were rolled out at the Love and Hip Hop reunion several people in the audience yelled out something to the effect of, “The lie detector is broken!”

You’ll have to tune in next Monday for Tahiry and Raqi’s results, but Erica and Joe’s were shocking enough for one sitting. Joe is not currently in love with Tahiry and he did sleep with Kaylin (as recent as two days prior to taping) even though he’s “working it out” with Tahiry. Now who really believes he’s not in love with Tahiry? At least by Joe’s standard of love. Lucy Joey, you got some ’splaining to do.

Erica needed a box of Kleenex on deck for the countless times her eyes swelled with tears. Something tells us her anger was greater than the hurt. Her lie detector results revealed she was was really in love with Rich, the “R” tattoo on her hand stood for his name and she cheated on him with someone else other than Tiffany. Wasn’t it kind of obvious she loved Rich the way she’d dramatically carry on? The tattoo is not exactly gasp worthy either, but her extra curricular activities outside of their relationship were a bit unexpected. These results were rigged! Kidding. But what do you think? Is Joe really not in love with Tahiry? Do you think Erica really loved Rich? Take our poll and speak your peace in the comments.

Were The Love And Hip Hop Reunion Lie Detector Results Accurate?

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