Off Pitch: Meet Aubrey, Show Choir Veteran And Local Party Animal

Part of the charm of our new series Off Pitch is the close-knit feel of the Grand River Singers and the group’s small town roots. But just because the population of La Crosse, Wisc. hasn’t hit six digits yet, doesn’t mean its residents don’t like to have a good time. Aubrey, a six-year veteran of the GRS machine and a La Crosse native, fills us in on some of her favorite hot spots.

This is the town with the most bars per capita (likely in the entire world) and because she lives within walking distance of every single one, your girl A is very familiar with their layouts. Familiar enough to get behind the bar and starting making drinks. Since you’re a beer lover, Aubrey, feel free to call Nikki from Wicked Single if you need help making a martini.

Whether or not she’s an “atrocity” to her mother because of her ground-worthy burping, GRS definitely has a talented party planner and bartendress right under its nose.

Get to know Aubrey by watching the video above, and check out the premiere of Off Pitch, Wednesday, April 17 at 10/9 C.

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